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By HellblazerHawkman on May 13, 2018 at 7:03 PM
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    History Behind the Warrior is back with a new video in his "Old vs. New" series gearing us up for the release of MK11. This week, he's looking at the true Empress of Outworld, the offspring of Shao Kahn and Baraka, the person who puts the "fatale" in femme fatale: Mileena.

    Like with most of the cast, the Mileena of yesterday is a much different character than the Mileena of today, thanks to the meddling of Raiden and his time traveling message. The big turning point in their respective stories seems to come down to how the world changed from the death of Shao Kahn, with the new Mileena needing to deal with Kotal Kahn-fraud and pretender to the throne of Outworld. This led her to make radically different choices than what she did and the past, leading to changes which are explored in the video down below.

    If you liked that video, go follow HB The Warrior on Twitter for updates on his next one. And check back with TYM for more of that politically unbiased reporting you've grown to know us for #MileenaForOutworld2020
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by HellblazerHawkman, May 13, 2018.

    1. HeavyNorse
      He's already done a few of these, and I quite enjoy them.
      As for Mileena, she is almost a completely different character in the new timeline than who she was in the original timeline. However, as much as I dislike the retcon of her and Kitana's relationship, I find that story-wise it was turned to Mileena's benefit, as her role in MKX was A LOT more interesting than the constant "I want to kill Kitana and replace her" story in the original timeline. The Outworld civil war story is one of the best story points that's ever been in MK, imo.
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    2. Juxtapose
      Yeah, the series so far has been great. I personally feel Mileena has been one of the strongest characters in the current timeline, and has had some of the best character development. This is taking into account the Story Mode for Mortal Kombat (2011), Mortal Kombat X (Comics), and Mortal Kombat XL's Story Mode. I personally wish the Outworld civil war was featured even more prominently in the game as opposed to the NetherRealm War.

      For Mileena herself, I like how she was childlike and crazy at first, but obviously matured significantly after her reign as Empress. We don't know much about her rule, only that she was nicknamed the "Mad Empress," but after all is said and done, I honestly think she makes a better leader for Outworld than Kotal. I think Kotal is a great general and warrior, but not a political leader.
    3. HeavyNorse
      To be fair, I doubt Mileena was a good political leader either. She is more the "the throne is MINE because my daddy said so!" kind of ruler...
    4. Juxtapose
      On the surface I'd agree with you, but she also convinced Goro to side with her, and she had Edenian support. Considering Shao Khan conquered that Realm and she truly seems to love and admire her father, you'd think Edenians wouldn't want to deal with her, but there it was.

      Also don't forget that Ermac immediately sided with Kotal, then we see him working with Mileena again in the comics (only to leave her again), so for someone reason he was drawn back to working with her. Of course, this could also be a major writing continuity error.

      I'm not saying she'd win a peace prize or anything, but Kotal was duped quite often and seemed rather disorganized:

      - Overthrew her because she wouldn't side with Earthrealm against the NetherRealm. Turns out no alliance was needed and NetherRealm was defeated.
      - Trusted D'Vorah implicitly, which she did not. Gets knifed in the back by D'Vorah.
      - Gets defeated by and could have lost his Empire (and life) to Kung Jin.
      - Was able to get played by Kano.
      - Towards the end, wants to give the Special Forces to Shinnok in the vein hope he's spare Outworld.
      - Kept meddling with Earthrealm, and ironically bringing trouble to Outworld for it. Mileena seemed to want to leave Earthrealm alone. She hated them for killing Shao Kahn, but didn't seem to be making a move against them.
    5. HeavyNorse
      Kotal is definitely not a good leader, but Mileena earned the title "Mad Empress" for a reason. The people of Outworld hated her for her worse and more tyrannical rule than that of Shao Kahn... Freaking Shao Kahn was a better leader! And he killed and enslaved everyone!
    6. KHTC Takgillo
      KHTC Takgillo
      She promised the edenian independence that's why they sided with her, Ermac being wishy washy was not explained and he probably is out so don't get your hopes up on him. She got Goro by promising him an emperorship( him becoming her husband). Tbh the thing I like the most is the fact that she is well versed in politics and know how to form alliance unlike Kotal. I don't think she would have left earthrealm alone after rebuilding outworld's strength but I think she was a capable leader just like Kotal who was able to inspire loyalty from people(outside of Dvorah)
    7. Law Hero
      Law Hero
      Mileena is best girl.
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    8. Yoaks
      All hail the one true Kahnum of Outworld!!!
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    9. MKF30
      I like how they kept her origins but dived into it more with her being a clone and all a la Bizarro like via Lex Luthor. But I do like how they gave her more so more personality instead of just a poser trying to be the Princess without much reason like the older timeline. She also seemed just evil, and hated Kitana. Newer timeline she seems to mock her and more twisted, witty. MK9 I liked how she's like a baby lol.
    10. Juxtapose
      @HeavyNorse That's the thing though, do you know where it stated she was more tyrannical than even Shao Kahn was? I don't recall that actually being stated anywhere, not in the comics or the game's Story Mode. The only thing I recall is she earned that nick name, and Kotal deposed her specifically because she would not make an alliance against NetherRealm with Earthrealm.

      @KHTC Takgillo In the comics, I recall her promising Goro that she'd return the Shokan to their former glory, not that she'd marry him and share the Empire. Big difference. Kotal Kahn did not treat the Shokan with the same respect that Shao Kahn did.

      @MKF30 In Mortal Kombat (2011), she essentially was a baby, but in an adult body.
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    11. MKF30
      Yeah, more or less. In mk x you can see how she matured over time compared to how she was in MK9
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    12. Juxtapose
      Yeah. I found especially in the comics. They did _a lot_ of character development and maturity for her there.
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    13. KHTC Takgillo
      KHTC Takgillo
      Bro she slept with him and said that while being all flirty that was implied and the best way to return them to their glory
    14. MKF30
      No doubt.
    15. Juxtapose
      Someone posted that panel from the comics in the other thread, and I see that as using her flirty charm, but not sleeping with him.

      She may have been, but I'd certainly lean towards no as she was already with Reiko at this point and she seemed to really like him.
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    16. HeavyNorse
      Why would Goro, the honourable and fierce prince of the Shokan, sleep with a dog-faced woman? Mileena would be beneath him (and I don't mean that sexually). He can take the throne without having to sleep with her.
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    17. MKF30
      Well to be fair, Goro isn't exactly full of options these days lol. I don't think Sheeva would bang him lol, probably figures at least he can get some Hybrid Edenian/Tarkatan nookie on the side lol.
    18. HeavyNorse
      There are more female shokans than the single one we've seen, y'know.
    19. Undergroundepict
      Man, I really hope that the story writing/dialogue catches up to the backstory/lore development and intro/in game dialogue soon in terms of quality. It's amazing to me that it's possible that the gap is so large between the two.

      Not referring to Mileena in particular, hers was actually one of the better stories overall in MKX.

      With regard to her being "the Mad Empress," it's possible that this could be a case of perception over reality, if NRS was aiming to go really deep with the plotine (which I hope, they were, because that would be excellent story telling).

      The perception would be in many ways earned, because for one, she actually was batshit insane for most of her existence, and even as she has found more rational footing in reality, she still engages in many tics commonly associated with the mentally ill, and still has trouble controlling her emotionial outbursts. Additionally, she's a cloned hybrid of two different species, and not necessarily a natural-born heir, and as such would be subject to lots of skepticism in a heredity monarchy based on lines of succession. For Game of Thrones Fans, it would be as if Tyrion Lannister was up next in the line of succession, but he was also a bastard with the unfavorable reputation of of a Stannis or a Cercei. The kingdom is ultimately going to depose you some way, regardless of how well you actually rule.

      Ultimately it's possible she actually ruled surprisingly well, but ultimately had to climb too many hurdles for her rule to ever be respected or permanent.
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    20. MKF30
      I know but I don't recall Goro having any by his side. Just saying man lol.
    21. HeavyNorse
      That's because he's just been used as a goon for the most part. The MKX comic is the first time we actually see him in a more social setting, though still in the mid of a war.
    22. MKF30
      Perhaps but he is also the prince of the Shokan for how many years? Looked up upon the Shokans. I would think some female one would want to be with him during that time.
    23. HeavyNorse
      Maybe he's gay. *shrugs*
    24. MKF30
      lol or maybe he just never cared for relationships til now lol. Shao Kahn was a stud though, lol I still crack up at his winning outro in MK 9.

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