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I didn't know you still played Panther! My brother I forgot to tag! I have really good anti-wakeup tech for a lot of characters now. I may make a video on all of it before it's said and done.
Taken a little break from GL and INJ in general. Been playing MK.

But back at it with GL and a little AM. Like what I'm seeing on your YT channel.

The Great One

"I Always d1 Lif-" SHUT UP
I haven't seen any of you guys doing this, but if you have that's too bad. It's called an OFI-FLIP ;)

My GL brothers
@KH Royale
@RM Crimson Panther
I'm being (soap bar in my mouth) :D
And it's 1:37 in the morning

but what's happening?
are you just doing the standard lift dash onto their body then neutral jump 3 and in some cases forward jump 3?

i'm watching the video but it's not just like what cicklkc,collegeeessaysfaggkl


Trust me, I'm a doctor
Cute. I love when people invent more things my character ignores the properties of.
Still, its nifty tech. I do the same thing with my corner splash jump-out.