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Discussion in 'Ultimate/Mortal Kombat 3/Trilogy' started by Sub-Zero BMC, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Konqrr

    Konqrr You will learn respect!


    Summer Jam 12 was awesome.

    I'm sad I didn't have much time to talk to, let alone play, much at all except for the 8-man tournament which was great. Awesome win Drew!

    Setting up, fixing stream, breaking down everything, was EXTREMELY time consuming. Much love to Big E, Shock, Mike, James, Kyle, and everyone else involved in getting this thing going.

    Great to meet @dreemernj for the first time at Yestercades (best part of the entire weekend), Nick again, Vargas (Not as hot as Miss Spin btw lol), Kenny, and Simon. I also got to meet Tabmok99 aka Kombat at MK Online for the first time. Great respect for him and showing up!!!

    I also got to meet @Mikemetroid, which was great!
  2. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Definitely a fantastic time, great seeing everyone whom I haven't seen in a while and the new faces as well. GGs to all.

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    GGS this past weekend with Marvinrawsta, Sawns, iWell, 6God, and Chorizo DU for 3 hours straight.

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    GGS yesterday to 6God and Clarence FTW on Xbox Live 2006 Ultimate MK 3

    Can't stop me from Playing Big Head LOL
  5. ReallyMontana

    ReallyMontana Making Proper Adjustments

    People still play mkak?
  6. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma you got caged, bitch!

    no cos its trash. i play mame only like the most
  7. ReallyMontana

    ReallyMontana Making Proper Adjustments

    Oh ok
  8. Does anyone play this on MAME still? Sorry these forums have changed so much I wasn't sure where to ask. Lol
  9. ReallyMontana

    ReallyMontana Making Proper Adjustments

    Yeah they only play on mame
  10. nwo

    nwo Noob


    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    Ggs over the weekend with @dubson on Xbox 360 MkAK and 06
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  12. dubson

    dubson Noob

    How you been bro?

    Are you on any consoles anymore, Xbox/PlayStation?
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  13. Yo! Good man, you? Been a minute for sure.

    I haven't touched the game in quite a while. I don't even think I can play on Xbox Live anymore can I? Last time I checked they came out with that arcade collection and it was all choppy.
  14. dubson

    dubson Noob

    pretty good bro great to see you around, yeah you can still play online on xbl. you can recover your account and it will still work, you will still be able to download 06, and MKAK still works. MKAK was glitchy when it first came out but they fixed it, it's fine now.

    those are all fine options to play still, but in my opinion mame is the best way to go if you have access to a computer. they've made some updated versions that are really nice.

    PM me and i'll get you in contact with the player base, there's here, a discord group, a fb/fb messenger group, and a skype group. finding matches for all of the platforms may never have been easier than it is now.

    hope all is well with you brother, looking forward to getting you playing again and having you back with the community

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    GGS to @NoDoubt and a few others on Mame, and XBL over the last few weeks.

    I want to give a special Thanks / No Thanks to my bud @tehdrewsus as well...

    Drew went out of his way in his UMK3+ to knowingly put a phrase that I coined in umk3 in as an Easter Egg for sheeva. The Term "No Coke" appears when u hold special button combos. Drew clearly knew this was a Bass term. But because @dubson pressed him on it he denied knowing it was for me. Well dubson u see below Drew knew it was for me lol. It wasn't a mistake.

    Also Drew stop telling people u had to block me or stop talking to me or what ever else it was, bud I litlerly had to delete u from talking to be because you kept fucking pressing me for donations to your event. Like recently as less than 2 weeks ago. I would have been happy to donate to your event, but I am sorry if u refuse to play umk3 with me and ban me from the community, no buddy I am not gonna give u more money, and I would sincerely appreciate it if u would stop asking. I am making this clear please stop asking me for money lol, I am not giving you or any other players donations for anything. You must stop solictiting for funding, have to bud, have to. I know I named your tournament, I know I funded the event in the past but PLEASE PLEASE stop asking me for more money lol. If you want to play MK let me know, but NO MORE MONEY!!!!!!
  16. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+

    Yeah that wasn't me pressing. Apparently you don't know sarcasm when you see it. I wouldn't ask for money anymore.

    That was the only time it was brought up and I wasn't serious about it.

    That Easter egg wasn't all about you. You said you never got anything. I mentioned that the Easter egg was in the game. Happy? It's gone now.

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    I'm more happy I don't have to cringe like a mf'r for a 40 year old man begging me for money, its like we in high school again and ur the dude asking for change for an extra milk daily.

    The easter egg was about me, that's my term, the entire community knows it, just like the name of ur event I also named that too so u may as well change it so the other players wont hate u.

    I am ending this he, but stop lying to people about u had to defriend me lol. Your full of shit you got bounced because u refuse to play umk3 with me and beg for money.
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  18. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+

    correct. You removed me, I removed you, and then blocked you.

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    I was also getting a little sick of you trying to get me to use my cellular telephone data plan to go troll @nwo giving me links to his chat. I forgot about that part. Prob a good idea Andrew to stop now LOL. @dubson u see this Andrew over here acting all innocent meanwhile. LOL I'm gonna stop now unless people want to keep it up.
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  20. nwo

    nwo Noob


    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    Nah, not interesting at all, as you can see I declined to go troll you because your old news plus your Joes Data Center special Mame anti Bass server is like MKAK on opioids LOL.
  22. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    What the hell is going on

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    @dubson Alpha'd up on @tehdrewsus over on the discorde channel, because Drew was paying Homage to one of the greatest UMK3 players ever, Mr Bass, showing a little love and put in a No Coke easter egg into his version of the game. @dubson being mad jelly pressed drew and made him remove it. I want to also mention that the people who want to press me out of UMK3 have a lot of things to hide and want others to not know about like John Vargas not just pretending to be a girl, but stealing some teenage girls pictures and posing as that person, yea just like u said on FB nobody knows because they keep me out lol. Ginko Baloba son lol. Criminal Behavior is OK but talking shit about UMK3 is frowned upon.

    @NoDoubt was posting audio clips of the first On Blast show over on fb apparently and drew threw him under the bus for dubson not yelling at him.

    None of this has anything to do with mortal kombat 3, and I'm not even in that discorde or fb but I am always the hot topic. All of them are scared to play me, NWO even made a server to keep me out LOL

    Jugger you want to hop on some 06 homie and get unrusted or no ??? WTB MK or Hell No ?
  24. Konqrr

    Konqrr You will learn respect!

    @MRIGOTBASS Whenever there is a problem with the UMK3 community, you and/or Sans are a part of it.
  25. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    I saw that. Idk what the big deal is with the “no coke” thing. And I tried to play UMK3 online the other day on 06, it was abysmal, lol.

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