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Discussion in 'Ultimate/Mortal Kombat 3/Trilogy' started by Sub-Zero BMC, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Konqrr

    Konqrr You will learn respect!


    Summer Jam 12 was awesome.

    I'm sad I didn't have much time to talk to, let alone play, much at all except for the 8-man tournament which was great. Awesome win Drew!

    Setting up, fixing stream, breaking down everything, was EXTREMELY time consuming. Much love to Big E, Shock, Mike, James, Kyle, and everyone else involved in getting this thing going.

    Great to meet @dreemernj for the first time at Yestercades (best part of the entire weekend), Nick again, Vargas (Not as hot as Miss Spin btw lol), Kenny, and Simon. I also got to meet Tabmok99 aka Kombat at MK Online for the first time. Great respect for him and showing up!!!

    I also got to meet @Mikemetroid, which was great!
  2. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Definitely a fantastic time, great seeing everyone whom I haven't seen in a while and the new faces as well. GGs to all.

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    GGS this past weekend with Marvinrawsta, Sawns, iWell, 6God, and Chorizo DU for 3 hours straight.

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    GGS yesterday to 6God and Clarence FTW on Xbox Live 2006 Ultimate MK 3

    Can't stop me from Playing Big Head LOL
  5. ReallyMontana

    ReallyMontana Making Proper Adjustments

    People still play mkak?
  6. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma Elder God

    no cos its trash. i play mame only like the most
  7. ReallyMontana

    ReallyMontana Making Proper Adjustments

    Oh ok
  8. Does anyone play this on MAME still? Sorry these forums have changed so much I wasn't sure where to ask. Lol
  9. ReallyMontana

    ReallyMontana Making Proper Adjustments

    Yeah they only play on mame
  10. nwo

    nwo Noob


    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    Ggs over the weekend with @dubson on Xbox 360 MkAK and 06
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  12. dubson

    dubson Noob

    How you been bro?

    Are you on any consoles anymore, Xbox/PlayStation?
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  13. Yo! Good man, you? Been a minute for sure.

    I haven't touched the game in quite a while. I don't even think I can play on Xbox Live anymore can I? Last time I checked they came out with that arcade collection and it was all choppy.
  14. dubson

    dubson Noob

    pretty good bro great to see you around, yeah you can still play online on xbl. you can recover your account and it will still work, you will still be able to download 06, and MKAK still works. MKAK was glitchy when it first came out but they fixed it, it's fine now.

    those are all fine options to play still, but in my opinion mame is the best way to go if you have access to a computer. they've made some updated versions that are really nice.

    PM me and i'll get you in contact with the player base, there's here, a discord group, a fb/fb messenger group, and a skype group. finding matches for all of the platforms may never have been easier than it is now.

    hope all is well with you brother, looking forward to getting you playing again and having you back with the community

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