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Official Parasoul Combo Thread


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LP= Light Punch​
MP= Medium Punch​
HP= Heavy Punch​
LK= Light Kick​
MK= Medium Kick​
HK= Heavy Kick​
QCF= :d:qtr:r
s prefix= Standing​
c prefix= Crouching​
j prefix= Jumping​
B prefix= Back​
c.LK->c.MK->c.HP->:dj.MK x3
More when I find them, please post any that you find!​


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I only have the demo and in the tutorial there's a mission with Parasoul who I am looking forward to main.

I came up with this corner combo.

j.HP-s.LPX2-c.MP-c.HP-j.LP-j.LK-:d j.MKx2-j.HP-c.LK-c.MKxxHK Napalm PillarxxMotor Brigade-s.LPX2-s.MP-s.HKxxSilent Scope

You can replace the last silent scope with Inferno Brigade if you have the extra meter.

xx<---indicates a cancel.

I don't know the damage since it is inside a mission mode but in a 1v1 it should take about 50-55% using Infernal Brigade

30-35% if using Silent Scope as an ender.

If you're planning to use Infernal Bridage, replace the last s.HK chained from s.LPX2-s.MK with s.HPx2 for more hits and damage.


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Some bro pointed out that her Napalm tears are great for corner combos. The corner combo he incorporated it into is:

s.lp, s.mp, s.hp x2, lp tear shot

do that three times, linking the s.lp after the tear shot

then do

c.lp s.mp, s.hp x2, lp tear shot


s.lk s.mp, s.hp x2 lp tear shot

then c.lk, s.mp, c.hp, j.mp, j.hp, j.hk, c.mk, qcb+PP or qcf+KK
Im pretty sure the anti infinite system would come into play here.

Cool video though
there's a way to beat the IPS, you just alternate moves. so long as it's not the same string over and over it shouldn't break, but it doesn't seem very viable to rely on to happen :p

my BNB is:

d. LK, d. MK, d. HP, jump, d. MK, LP, MK, HP - MP, d. HP, LK, MK - HK, LP, (charge back), MP, HP, HP, teardrop

i'm not sure what you can follow up for sure because there's only normals frame data for skullgirls... i wish someone would find out what the stun/etc are for special moves lol. i've been doing great following up with a LK/b. HK mixup

also egret cancel is so god damn awesome

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Hey, just asking, what are you guys doing off of a throw midscreen? I cannot seem to get anything but a tear shot because i cannot get over to my opponent fast enough. Im just starting out with the game, so bear with me.