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Official NJHalo Thread - May 7th Morristown, NJ

Nj Halo is a lan tournament held at least once a month in Morristown, NJ . We provide an open venue that host multiple fighting and fps game tournaments. This month we have added MK9 to our list of games. I invite anyone from the community looking to compete for cash prizes nad have to join us.

*** NJ Halo ***]
Next Event May 7, 2011
HYATT @ HeadQuarters Plaza (Conference Center)
3 Speedwell Avenue, Morris Town NJ
Contact us at (201) 981-3537 ask for James

We ask that you please bring your own Pad/Fight Stick. This is our first step in reaching out to more of the fighting game community. We have worked with the Smash community before but with MK9's release we thought it would be an awesome chance to grow. If there is any we can do or information the community needs please don't hesitate to ask.

My name is iAngelos and I look forward to working the community on this and other events. My contact info is down below if needed.

My Twitter
NJ Halo twitter
Or email me at [email protected]