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Official Jade Hate Thread *Serious Shit Here*

You hate using her or you hate fighting her?

I personally think she's very formidable with the right tactics. Female ninja basics are very nice.


I love the female ninja basic moves. And I love Jade's dash kick and boomerang.

Why the hate?

Tim Static

You hate Jade because you dont know how to counter her, lol.

Jade is sick as hell in the right hands.

Projectile immunity, jab pressure, Jaderang.....good shit. Plus she is a female ninja, so that is an advantage as well. :)


I think it's because Jade didn't have a single dedicated thread.

Important thing every Jade player should know, always use her 4 hit stick combo after a starter (follow up with unblockable sweep, LK, or HK depending on character like Jax's 7 hit cut at 6), 3 hits of her kick combo blocked, throw out a regular HK for wake up. Projectile Protection acts like a free recovery as well as its intended purpose, use it often. Dash Kick hits characters ducking, very fast start up with punishability, but has a similar limitation to Kabal's dash where you cannot do it in certain frames of animation, or after certain attacks.

Feel free to add more stuff.
I don't like jade because:

1: When you play her during the single player game when she's near the top she cheats as if it was part of the game. Pick robo smoke, go to the corner and just launch spears at her over and over again. For me she does her flashing move, green kick, then right away flashing move, kick. She doesn't abide by her own move requirements. Their is supposed to be a down time in between. Although to be fair other comps do things like that to, but hers is real annoying.

2: I'm a combo man and I don't like female ninja's


The funniest thing CPU Jade ever did to me was several comboed Dash Kicks in the corner once, aside from smoking throws.