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Strategy Offensive Mode Activated: Starting a match with Cyborg


Buluc Chabtan
Hey guys, I just wanted to share a few ideas regarding how to start a match as Cyborg. I'm sure that a lot of you know these things, but this is more for those who are new to Cyborg. So in no particular order, these are my favorite ways to start a match with Cyborg:

(1) jump 1
-comes out quickly
-beats a lot of the cast air-to-air (80-90% success rate from personal experience)
-can be followed up with air Nova Blaster, background bounce (depends on stage), combo string into setup (e.g. b123xxTA), etc.

(2) jump back, air Nova Blaster
-hits opponents out of interactables (e.g. TV's in Arkham Asylum)
-gets you away from pressure

(3) grapple (forward or backward)
-essentially gets you away from any start-of-match pressure situations
-armor is great for ignoring quick-hitting normals (e.g. Superman's f2)
-can follow up with air Nova Blaster on you way down

(4) forward 2, 2
-great range, will make contact with most of the cast in most situations
-relatively quick start-up (12 frames), will beat out other normals (e.g. Nightwing's b2, which is 15 frames)
-plus on block (+3), can be following up with a free d1

(5) instant air Nova Blaster (I have never successfully done this, but I have seen it done)
-you're airborn
-comes out quick
-hard to do (personal opinion)

Thoughts/comments/suggestions are welcome!


King of Edenia.
good stuff. depending on the mu i sometimes grapple away or towards a stage hazard and yes his j1 is really good especially against batmans that abuse his j2 i stuff that shit 90% of the time then do 11xTA then dash towards. if they tech they land on the bomb if they dont tech me dashing will move them to the bomb i either wait for wake up and punish or they block it and im plus