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OBS EMP REO Wins Mortal Kombat 9 at NECXIIII + Will Go To Video X Games for MK9 in 2013


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As the Mortal Kombat finale for the year of 2012 on the Northeast coast.... it's safe to say that we made some noise. We experienced several blow-ups and several pop-offs... by Zaf and K-Frog, especially. With over 100 players at this tournament, some of which have traveled from Texas, Florida, Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia! With both epic and historic matches taking place this weekend it was an honor to be a part of it and we thank those who watched the provided streams and supported it at home. While we tried to go above and beyond with two dedicated Mortal Kombat streams... we delivered and it is now time to Congratulate OBS EMP REO for taking Mortal Kombat 9 at NECXIII!

In addition to the NECXIII hype, Rolando was proud to announce that for winning Mortal Kombat =, REO will be going to the Video X Games in 2013!

Once again, Congratulations to OBS EMP REO for Winning Mortal Kombat at NECXIII!



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1) Good shit Reo for getting through all those rough matches.

2) Big ups to Sawnik Fawx and Tom Brady for bringing the hype. Both these players are godlike with their characters.

3) Nice to see all the amazing Ermac players repping their character.

4) Fuck Cyrax. Character is laughably broken.


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3 straight Tourneys? Everybody switch their main to either Freddy, Lao or Liu immediately!


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So I think STORMS has 2 windows open with a topic ready to go for either grand finals outcome and just hits post on whichever one happens. Anyway... Congratulations to REO. Also to Sonic Fox for proving he could hang with the MLG players when people said he wouldn't have been top if MLG wasn't going on the same day as his other tournaments. Brady as well... coming through MU's like that to make top 8 with Sub is no easy task. Also Maxter for toppling his brother in tournament because correct me if I'm wrong that's a first time occurance. Great tournament.


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Grats Reo, and thanks to Brady for bringing the hype and playing outta his head, nice stuff, great tournament to watch,

respect to Fox