NRS/WB should bring back the Variation System for MK11 - Here's Why

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by Roy Arkon, Aug 29, 2017.


Should MK11 get the Variations System from MKX?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    Actually Ethereal Mileena was very good, Semij rocked in MKX with that Variation.
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  2. Immortal

    Immortal Blind justice....

    Nope, no more "half" characters.

    Normal system with "one whole fighter" worked just fine and is working still fine in most FG. No need to change that.

    Not to mention, game is already in development and they for sure have clear vision for it like always, so this thread is for fun only and even here (pool) majority of people dont want the variation system back.
  3. You are right but what I was going with the Mileena example was that Ethereal in the rest of the community was not the most used one despite being very powerful.
  4. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    Ok then.
  5. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    "The variation system was a mistake" - By Paulo Garcia.

    nuff said.
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  6. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    Like I said there are ways to get around it like having only two Variations rather then 3, making each Variation for the most part as different as possible etc; And yeah I mentioned Paulo at the OP, but once again that's where my suggestions are coming to play.
  7. JDM

    JDM Noob

    did he actually say this
  8. Gooberking

    Gooberking 99.9% free

    Removing variations would probably devastate my interest in the game. The last time I might have put that much time into a game is SFA3 or go all the way back to SF2.

    I got to pick chacters I liked and play them in a way that I liked. When a variation wasn't working there was a chance I could switch and not abandon a character(which did happen). The variation system helped me connect to the characters and the game in a way I've never done with mk and maybe any other fighter. It kept me engaged and interested in learning about how fighting games actually work for the first time in 30 years of playing them.

    I get the balancing complications, but outside of that the game was a brilliant, gorgeous, replay packed home run of a game for anyone not roaming the country hunting foxes. And that's a lot of people.

    The big issue with removing it now is that the went one bigger with ij2. They can't go backward with variety. They are going to have to get pretty clever if they want to remove it.
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  9. Hara-Killer

    Hara-Killer Reverse Salt

    Reptile IS DOPE for sure , but cmon bruh Ermac , Sub-zero and Scorpion r high tier FULL TIME and their history too, reptile get KO in every MK thats BAD man like NRS doesnt give a FUCK to us... About Chameleon and MK 1 secret fighter (Reptile) if u think about it that "Secret match" its non canon man ...Reptile Become Who he 's only in MK 2 ..Look what Chameleon REALLY IS , THE MOST COMPLETELY NINJA IN FRANCHISE He's the BOYKA of MK Ninjas cmon DUDE Chameleon Fans should shout out NOW to NRS , Chameleon Deserve a bigger spot in MK franchise and NRS can make that way ,Reptile is Low Level and Chamelon the next step in Evolution (maybe??)

    what i mean is.... Chameleon MUST COMEBACK !!!!!! im asking too much ?
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  10. Hara-Killer

    Hara-Killer Reverse Salt


    Like for that Bruh hahaha :D
  11. yes lol sorry bro
  12. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
    Moderator Premium Supporter

    They should bring back the MK9 system.
  13. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    That was Reptile in MK1, it is a known fact. Only his moveset wasn't canon, but his appearance was indeed canon, just like Noob Saibot's appearance in MK2 was canon but his moveset wasn't. The only Ninja that his appearance in MK1 wasn't canon was Ermac, as he appeared due to a glitch only. These are all facts known since the very beginning.

    Also regarding Reptile himself, none of the characters in the MK universe is truly weak. Yes some are stronger then others, but none of them is a truly weak character in the level of Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter. Also by that very logic that you come up with, the only two "top tier Ninjas" are Scorpion and Sub-Zero, as all of the others were also beaten a lot, and even both Scorpion and Sub-Zero were defeated by Johnny Cage in MKX, Yet Ermac, who lost to both Takeda and Jacqui, has defeated Johnny in MK9. Also you need to keep in mind that the MK series isn't just about MK9 and MKX and you need to take the story of entire series into account, as all of the rest of the MK games from Midway were also in the same canon with MK9 and MKX (with the exception of Shaolin Monks and MK Vs. DC), and not to mention that NRS put the focus on the protagonists for the most part in their stories, and that's true for the IJ series as well. And in the Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance story (an MK game from the days of Midway), Reptile defeated Cyrax in a match and injured him. So you can't just put the whole conclusion on the NRS MK games alone but also on the Midway MK games.

    Reptile is the most important Ninja in the series just right behind Scorpion and Sub-Zero, he is the first secret character of all fighting games (not just MK, and once again his appearance was canon), and also right behind them in terms of being recognized and memorable, and NRS do care about him just like they care about all of their characters.

    As for Chameleon, it would be nice to see him back, but that's a whole different topic, and he only first appeared in MK Trilogy, and unlike Reptile of which his MK1 appearance was canon, Chameleon only got a canonical debut in MK Armageddon. The female Khameleon on the other hand did have a canonical debut in MK Trilogy though, and it was still only on the Nintendo 64 version of the game.
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  14. Hara-Killer

    Hara-Killer Reverse Salt

    Sorry For what Broh ? LoL
  15. Hara-Killer

    Hara-Killer Reverse Salt

    I agree , but im talking about POWER Not POP stuff ,Chameleon uses all Ninja powers , Survived to MK Armaggedon (Blaze and Good v Evil Forces) despite not being 100% canon and MK 9 changed timelines , there's Hope for Him , Both Syzoth and Chameleon share the same bloodline , Chameleon is important to Reptile History too , NRS take note , MK 11 it's supposed to release/Schedule for 2019 (or will be shaolin monks 2 /or Horror NRS FG?)

    In other Hand we got Khameleon being more canon than chameleon , dope concept too ... WHY The F... NRS put them into LIMBO/OBLIVION ? dam those dudes(and chick) Rocks to dam much to be Wiped out Like that .
  16. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    Both Chameleon and Khameleon are canon at the same level as everyone else. Also neither of them have been wioed out, if you saw Reptile's intros in MKX they give us some really big hints that they are might come back for MK11. Regardless that would be cool to see either of them back, or both.
  17. Israel

    Israel Thou shalt surely Perish....

    We'll be lucky if our reptile friend even makees the cut bro, seriously. My man serves as no purpose to the story except as a placeholder punching bag used to fight to fill space to make other characters look good. Like villians in filler episodes of manga/animes.

    dont listen to that other guy..
  18. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    Wow so not only you completely ignore all of the FACTS that I do bring up, you even tell @Hara-Killer to not listen to me at all. Hell you even quoted only 2 lines from his comment

    Listen dude, you need to take "ALL OF THE FACTS" here and not just the facts that you want to take just because one or two things didn't go you own particular way. Reptile is Amazing and there is one of the most important characters, period. Stop this nonsense.
  19. Zhidoreptiloid

    Zhidoreptiloid Watcher from the sky

    Variations?... NO
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  20. Regarding Reptile, he's a great character and one of the original 10. He also survived the events of Mortal Kombat X, so odds are very strong he'll be back.

    In terms of the game's Story Modes, they typically only allow you to play as "good" guys with the occasional "neutral," so anyone else that the player characters fight against, regardless of power level, will loose. That's the nature of one sided (faction) story telling.

    Kotal is the Emperor of a Realm, and he lost, what, three times or something in the story. That's excluding him getting his butt handed to him a lot in the comics as well, but Kotal isn't weak at all.
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  21. Israel

    Israel Thou shalt surely Perish....

    Its not about that. Either good or bad, each good and bad guy has gotten some background story time. In reptiles bio, it says how hes the only left of his clan. Name me any time they took the time to go into his background?
  22. KingKhrystopher

    KingKhrystopher Empress Aisha of Andros!
    News Editor

    I'm desperately hoping they revisit Variations, mainly because it's a new take on fighting games that no other game seems to be doing right now. Not only that, like Ketchup said earlier at Fatal 8, you may not win in a matchup with 1 Variation, but theres still 2 more to go, and you benefit more as a character specialist.
    If a character can take the spot and tools of another character and it makes sense, that other character probably should either be reworked or made cooler.

    Also, they need to cut down on the useless and not even relevant to the character Variations: i.e. Stunt Double, Ethereal, Spec Ops, Inferno, Dragon Naginata, Mournful, Heavy Weapons, etc. Variations like these are the reason why the Variation system didn't pan out the way if could've. So many characters had 2 Variations that were similar, and then 1 oddball Variation (Mileena: Ravenous, Piercing vs. Ethereal) (Liu Kang: Dragon's Fire, Flaming Fist vs. Dualist) (Cassie Cage: Hollywood, Brawler vs. Spec Ops), I could really go on. But I think if they simplify it to only 2 Variations per character, they wouldn't have to shoehorn some 3rd in just to try and have a 3rd, because at that point we get to stuff like Stunt Double Johnny Cage and Mournful Kitana.

    So I want to see Variations return, A. Because they add a level of depth to each character, B. Because they reward the character specialists such as myself, and C. Because they're cool and no one else seems to be doing them.
  23. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    Last I've checked a good portion of the roster also didn't got their background (origin) told in the story modes of MK9 or MKX. Baraka, Shang Tsung, Ninja Smoke, Tremor, and even the younger Sub-Zero, of which both him and Bi-Han got abducted by the Lin Kuei and that's how they got into the Lin-Kuei to begin with. All of their origins mentioned in their in-game bios aren't mentioned in the story modes. Reptile isn't different then pretty much most of that chars. You can understand the general story in the story modes, but if you wanna get the full background you need to check out the in-game bios, Arcade mode endings and in the case of MKX, and probably MK11 as well, the comic book series in addition to the story modes, and it's true for all of the characters. And for the record, Reptile's origin is already one of the most well known ones in both the history of the series.
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  24. Barrogh

    Barrogh Meta saltmine

    I disagree. Decent FGs allow that as an actual gameplay choice which you can do during the match, switching back and forth depending on your opponent's tactics, life lead etc. I think there are many examples already showing that characters can have crazy diverse set of options and matchups between them aren't necessarily stupid.
  25. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    That is true but only for an extend. There are characters that you have to play in a very specific way. Like having a Rushdown character, even if that character has a projectile, you still have to play up close with that character and can't play the Zoning game. Jax for example is a Rushdown monster, and yes he has a projectile that you can hold and delay, but it's just one projectile and playing the keepaway game will not be good for him. That's why you had the Heavy Weapons Variation if you really wanna play Jax in a more Zoning/defensive style.

    Also if you saw my example of Reptile in the OP, you would see my point even further.

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