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NRS Reportedly Starting Production on Marvel vs DC Game [LEAK]

Real or not real

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MK vs MK

I mean, MK already had kart kombat at one point so it seems fairly logical to do that :DOGE


What a day. What a lovely day.
I mean, if Spider-Man was bouncing around the screen as much as Blue Beetle, but like... with webs, that’d be pretty hype to watch.

Dankster Morgan

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I'd be down. Only "problem" I see is the roster would be pretty basic. Assume 20 something characters, equal amount from both sides, it will probably be all the main Justice League, all main Avengers, hopefully some X-Men, and guaranteed the Joker and Harley cause you know it, then well known villains from both sides. Pretty basic but those characters are popular for a reason so most people could find someone they like.


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It wouldn't be odd at all, there are a lot of Dark Marvel stories.
That's true, I mostly thinking of the MCU though. Mostly the movies. I wouldn't be opposed to a slightly darker Marvel story/adaptation, but I just don't know if NRS is who I'd trust to do that adaptation. Gameplay wise I love what NRS does with their fighting games, and the production values they put into their stories are great, but the actual stories themselves I haven't been as big a fan of.


I think we could be getting a Marvel game, not sure about a VS game yet but I think that could happen further down the line. I think, if this is true, that Marvel would have a wait and see mentality. I'm sure Netherrealm would knock a Marvel game out of the park though and years after MAYBE they would be open to a VS game if DC is also open to it.

All I know is that a Netherrealm fighting game where characters like Wolverine, Deadpool, and Venom could be used would be sick.


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Blade would be a fun character. My deep cut character who will never make it: Spot (Johnathon Ohnn). I'd love the idea of him being some kind of setup character who can place mini portals on the screen to alter the angle of his attacks, or give him movement options, or be used to re-direct an opponents projectile.

Not coincidently I've been going back and watching the old 1994 Spider-Man cartoon, it rules hard.

John Grizzly

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It's just a Marvel game. Sorry to everyone who is dying to see Iron Man vs Dairou vs Condiment King.

Marvel/Disney aren't allowing their IP's to be used for the first time by a new developer and not be the absolute main focus of the game.

Having said that....please be a fighting game and please don't play anything like MK11......please.....