!!!NRS Players Released From Sponsor!!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by JBeezYBabY, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. JBeezYBabY

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    Uncle JBeezY actually saw this yesterday on Twitter on the way home from work. Thought I'd bring it up for discussion.


    Its official that Scar and Theo have been released from EchoFox as well as many others not just from the FGC but from FPS scene as well. Looks like they're cleaning house re-evaluating their roster. Its sad to see this thing kind of happen. AND PUNK GOT RELEASED TOO! Didn't he just won a major this weekend ?Question mark? Does not seem good for the FGC as a whole regardless of how good of a player you are.

    What do you guys think of this? Let's have a discussion.

    EMPEROR_THEO I only use characters with wakeup scoops.

    theo is washed up af so its w/e
  3. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous


    I enjoy watching you play. You always give hype matches and without a doubt you will be picked up by another sponsor soon. The question is....do you want to be picked up by another sponsor?
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  4. Top players don't go on Kappa it jinxed you
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  5. BurdaA

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    My man!
  6. HellblazerHawkman

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    There just doesn't seem to be much money in the NRS scene right now, it sucks but I wouldn't say it's a surprise. I would assume EchoFox would be scouting out some more people if MK11 is a thing and people actually play it.

    Punk though, he just hasn't been doing great all season. He was a player that just got rocked by the dumb changes Capcom made and took a long time to find his footing again. A lot of players kind of got screwed, which is why Cammy became such a problem, because she got hella buffed and is super easy to learn
  7. The problem with NRS players is that most of them only play MK/Injustice games. So when NRS refuses or places a hold on putting out a new game, these sponsored players are either not participating in tournaments and/or not bringing money to the company which sponsored them. Thats why some sponsor players are still sponsored because they have multiple streams of income (games to play and compete).
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  8. Marlow

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    I hope Punk gets back on track, he seems to be doing better recently, having gone back to Karin. His Karin is fun to watch.
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  9. Like when Theo didn't start focusing on dbfz?
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  10. HellblazerHawkman

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    It seemed like he just got WAY in his head early on. He got Abigail'd in his debut major for EchoFox, and that's gotta put you in a bad place, which causes you to lose, which puts you in a worse mindset, and it just keeps tumbling. I think it's the Top 32 for CC that qualifies, and Punk's currently at 25th. So if he can ride this wave he's on now, he can still make it and put himself back in the running for best SFV player in the US
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  11. undergroundvgt

    undergroundvgt the salt shaker

    ive watch scarr play and it was lackluster at best. i enjoyed his sonya blade but injustice i dont feel like his heart was in it. brainiac? punks karin was/is amazing and i enjoyed watching him play. im not sure what all goes on behind the scenes with sponsors but i guess the main factor is you winning.
  12. read my post again and pay attention to some of my keywords. (some, most)
  13. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    I feel you. He started off very rough this year, so his comeback could have been a little too late for the sponsors to deem him worthy of staying. The thing that sucks is, hes just NOW getting his groove back but getting dropped means he has to pay for his own way to finish the year. Maybe this will be more of a wake up call than anything.
  14. jmt

    jmt Noob

    There is no money in the fgc because it's so small. Only a few good players. There is no reason to have those guys sponsored. It's a smart move by EchoFox. Unfortunately we are so far behind other eSports genres and it's not even close. Fighting games have like a 1-2 year life span and that just doesn't compete with other games. There is no real incentive to really try to compete in the FGC and go to tournaments.
  15. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    Truth be told Punk was untouchable until he became so confident that he started going hard in Marvel. Right around that period of time, end of 2017/beginning of 2018 when people were gunning for that Marvel tourney at SCR, he went from getting first or second at everything to suddenly being a question as to whether he'd make Top 8. And he's never regained that footing.

    If anything though, this is just how SF5 has always been. Off the top of my head, players who seemed godlike during one particular phase and then might not even make the Top 8 in others: Fuudo, Daigo, Poongko, Bonchan, MOV, Ricki Ortiz, Punk.. I'm probably forgetting some. Just seems to be a hard game to stay at the top of.

    Tokido is one of the only guys that's been consistent from start to the present day, and that's impressive.
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  16. HellblazerHawkman

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    At least from season 2 to 3 (when I started following SFV seriously) I think the big culprit is how Capcom patches. It's like when NRS started making reasoned and sensible patch decisions, Capcom also did a 180 and they started buffing undisputed Top 5 characters and nerfing mid-tiers. The big one I look at is Mena. Since they nerfed Birdie, he's still be doing well, but just not well enough to be consistent in a Top 8. Capcom made a bunch of pretty big changes to characters people have been playing since launch. But credit where it's due, it be silly to ignore just how big the competition pool is for SFV. It's not like the NRS scene where there's a solid 20-25 who can make a Top 8, it's probably like a solid 200 globally.

    Sort of related, Cammy is worse than Deadshot was at his peak. Anyone remember that tourney where 15 of the Top 16 played Cammy for at least one game?
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  17. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Capcom has been making hella sketchy ass decisions. Its now blatantly obvious on who they want to shine character wise instead of actual balance in their roster. I actually loved watching Mena win because Birdie is such an underdog character, it gives hope to everybody else. But eh....Capcom fucked that up.
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  18. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

  19. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    Sounds like EchoFox is having financial issues. The seem to be cutting everyone they can and still be afloat. My gut is telling me that maybe the entire thing will fold if a light breeze hit it.
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  20. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    To add on to that....SAINT also announced his departure with EchoFox. Both were the only Tekken players on the roster. It seems EchoFox is concentrating their focus on the most popular top games right now. And the only Fighting gamers they have play SFV or DBFZ.
  21. HellblazerHawkman

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    I was having this conversation with some friends, I just don't understand the logistics of an Esports team, especially FGC. Beyond PG's Pan-Chan stuff, I don't know a lot of people who'd get enthusiastic about buying a JDCR jersey. I'm also assuming part of the funding comes from the team taking a percentage of your winnings. It doesn't seem financially stable to pay somebody to fly across the country, maybe get somebody to buy a hat because they saw the team name, and get 4% of a $500 pot.

    If you are talking sponsors, I would also imagine it's hard to bargain a good price to get Red Bull on your team's jersey if your players aren't all Sonic Fox levels of reknown.
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  22. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    Well... they sponsor League of legends guys.. so when you support a eSport that generates that kind of cash.. You gotta think about how this is a business and businesses are brutal. They want to support the FGC but the sad truth is that is just doesn't have the viewership support to really allow these companies to make money of it, not at the same level as other eSports anyway.
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  23. CrimsonShadow

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    Most legitimate esports teams don’t take winnings; their funding comes from cutting deals with various brands or companies, merchandise sales, or league/game specific deals like skins or CS stickers. In lieu of that, they have venture capital backing, which is a multi-year bet on turning the brand into a profitable venture/business in the future.

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