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NRS Konfirms How To Unlock New Mobile Skins for Cassie & Jacqui


do we still have that bug where you check someone's profile in the leaderboards to unlock his stuff?
That was fixed a while ago. But, you can log in with someone's else WB ID, who has the mobile unlocks (unlocked legitimate) and get it that way.
I did do the 3 stage fatals with cassie vs jacqui in my ps4 but i didnt get those cards in my android game :(, anyone got those in the cel game?
Guyz please i need your help ! I am a big fan of mortal kombat x and i play the game in android. Now i want to unlock undercover cassie and cybernatic jaquie but i don't have xbox so i can not unlock them :( Any kind hearted person here who can help me unlock them? In return i will also help him to unlock undercover cassie and cybernatic jaqui in xbox :) Please guyz help me out here. I signed up in this forum just to ask for your help... :) If anybody wants to help me then email me please... This is my email : [email protected]. Please guyz help out a poor fellow who loves gaming :(