NRS games and it's non existent Ranked mode!

Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by IrishMantis, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. IrishMantis

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    I always like to compliment before I go in.
    NRS online functionality and performance have improved immensely for sure.

    To top of the chain roll back network infrastructure, finally removing region lock, making so called Ranked FT3 and even breaking new grounds with WiFi indicator (although we can't reject yet)

    No doubt they going to keep on improving as they go.

    But when you look at nearly every other FG you notice they have something which is probably the most fun and challenging factor. An actual Ranked mode!

    What do I mean by actual Ranked mode?

    Basically a promotion/demotion levelling system which means if you are really good and improving it will show as your ranking and if you are only new or a casual it will show in your ranking.

    Skip to the bottom TL;DR if you ain't arsed reading my opinion

    2 main reasons we need this I said above "Fun" and "Challenging"

    1. Fun - look at ranks like a title you are chasing, to actually feel rewarded as you rank up which will give you more of a taste to rank up more and more. Like anything in life Reward is more meaningful when there is a risk! Which is if you ain't keeping up the pace in performance you can get demoted and go down a rank which would drive you to go back up.

    2. Challenging - To be able to keep yourself challenged by the ability to constantly fight people around your level. It's so frustrating when you go to Ranked in NRS games and bump into multiple players who could of just picked up the game and have no idea what they are doing. It's not fun for either parties involved. So with a more traditional Rank mode this will avoid this so new players will face people their level so they can grow and not feel like quitting after getting destroyed.

    I guess you could argue it is an actual Ranked mode because of leaderboards. But that's redundant because there's also leaderboards for playermatch and KOTH. Plus there is a lot of luck as somebody in top could of just got mostly noobs when a Ranked mode would heavily reduce that.
    So why not both Ranked and leaderboards like other games Everybody's happy.

    But right now I feel Ranked mode should be just called Random mode.

    TL;DR Why have NRS got no traditional Promotion/Denotion based Ranked modes yet? And what's your take on it?
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  2. Badboy Takuma

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    sf4 ranked mode was the best i have ever played so far.
    would be nice if 11 would have a similar one.
  3. Mr__PancakeZ

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    ELO system would be good. Demotion when performing bad or ranking up when winning. a ranking system like League CSGO or R6Siege would be soo awsome i would go on ranked everyday.

    plus this system would pair you with people at your skill level. like EX: rank: Diamond will play with diamond ranked players.
  4. This would be nice so I wouldn't have to scavenge through the no thumbs when trying to get matched up with a good player on ranked. However I'm sure this wouldn't be without its negatives
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  5. Sazbak

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    Are there enough ranked players for this in a certain region on a certain console? If not it will make the queue time longer than already is. I remember when at the beginning I unlocked the Ultra Rare PS4 achievement because I played 200 ranked matches.

    Page was last updated in June.

    When I reached this achievement around June-July, only 2.6% of the PS4 playerbase unlocked this and we are talking about 200 ranked matches which is not a big deal.
    Otherwise I agree with you on both the fun and challenging factor.
  6. Badboy Takuma

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    i remember this video here lol
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  7. IrishMantis

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    Here's the thing

    The reason why nobody plays it because there is no reason too, it's just a random match with no pay off or consequence you better off going playermatch or rooms for the same purpose but better control.

    But trust me if there was a ranking system I bet you most if not all top players will play and the newbies will have a reason to play as they can see their progression.

    But let's take your point as true then usually what they do in Ranked mode is priority base it. So if there is nobody your level it will find the next best thing so that covers everything.

    The only reason I play ranked is to get as comfortable in the FT3 mindstate
    Before they added that in I never touched Ranked now I just do the odd time
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  8. Yer_Da

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    With regards to the point of nobody playing ranked, it's as @IrishMantis says, there's no reason to. I'm an average player at the absolute best and my last five ranked sets were against new players, four of them rage quit. It's not fun for anyone involved.

    I hope to see a promotion/demotion system introduced, the ability to search by region (not being able to decline 160 ping connections is a nonsense) and the option to decline those with WiFi because outside of war of the gods forbidding WiFi users from playing, the indicator serves zero purpose.
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  9. Wigy

    Wigy There it is...

    I hadnt clicked with any fps til overwatch which has a huge ranked competitive focus.

    Makes you actually wana grind. Instead of just getting laggy supergirls over and over.
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  10. Mr__PancakeZ

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  11. What if they chose to lock WiFi players out of the highest ranks. Then you’d have your decline WiFi option if you were good enough and the people on WiFi would still have people to play against.
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  12. trufenix


    uh, not that I don't agree with the thread, but isn't that video 7 minutes ragging on the most effective rage quitter in player match for a 6 year old game with absolutely practically worthless netcode?
  13. Yer_Da

    Yer_Da I don't sell Avon.

    I wouldn't be ok with this because WiFi doesn't exclusively mean bad connection. Infact, there's a top EU NRS player that plays on a wireless connection and I'd wager serious money that his connection is better than 98% of the people that post here.
  14. Mr__PancakeZ

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    i play with a friend from south korea he plays on wifi and the connection was flawless. those koreans have the best internet speeds in the world.
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  15. sithari

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    I am so happy to have come across this thread, this issue has been on my mind for the longest time as well. I cannot agree with OP enough on this issue. I come from Overwatch in which I managed to peak at a fairly high rank and I can with absolute certainty say that the ranking system is often what has made me come back to the game time and time again. The ranking system itself is an absolute and fundamental part of the experience and I've always found the "ranked" system in NRS games to be archaic and just painfully behind the rest of the competitive games today.

    As some issues were raised in this thread regarding matchmaking times, this usually isn't an issue, at least in Overwatch. The reason is that this only affects top caliber players and they are (as far as I'm aware) fine with waiting longer for quality games. While queuing, OW offers players the opportunity to head into a "skirmish", where they can play in the meantime (somewhat similar to how you can go into practice mode in KOTH). This is usually fine to pass the time between games (I definitely just prefer lurking on reddit or TYM but whatever). Blizzard has, over time, been adjusting this balance between quality of games vs wait times based on player feedback and I don't see a reason why, provided we get a similar system in future NRS games, we shouldn't get the same. Should queue times be very excessive, 2 teams of approximate Skill Ratings are made and at the end of the game, SR gains and losses are distributed based the perceived skill difference between the teams (if you suck and beat someone perceived by the system to be much better, you'll end up getting more points).

    Furthermore, at the end of each competitive season, OW rewards players with a special in game currency that they can use to change the appearance of their chosen characters' weapons, as sort of a prestige (very similar to legendary gear with stats disabled), which adds another incentive for people to play.
    I'm confident that all this contributed to the success and longevity that OW is seeing and I want to see similar features in future NRS games as well.
    Regarding WiFi, there's sadly no good and fair way to fix this issue, other than to move from p2p to dedicated servers imo. Curious to know what others think about this.
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  16. kabelfritz

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    VF five was good where you had a rank system you could rise and fall in depending on losses and wins (where losses against higher ranks didnt count so much as well as wins against lower etc), plus you got paired with people of similar rank if possible.
  17. Braindead

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  18. IrishMantis

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    Glad to see you all agree
  19. EntropicByDesign

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    Wifi has nothing to do with speed. I'm not trying to derail the thread but SPEED has nothing to do with wifi being bad for online FG play. You can boast a gigabit level connection and on wifi, you are still potentially unstable and the factors that interfere with you are largely beyond your control.


    Yes, ranked would be dope. Proper ranked with... Ranked.

    As to the queue getting longer, give the person looking search criteria. What lv connection will you accept, what ranked swing (my rank only, one higher/lower or whatever) and maybe a little box you can click that says if your criteria aren't met do you want yo just toss them iht the window in favor of a fast match or wait longer while it searches for the"right" connection
  20. Ram

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    I love your avatar, Brotherhood of Nod for life!
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  21. sithari

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    Kane lives!!!
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  22. LaidbackOne

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    Spot on Mantits!
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  23. Skedar70

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    I think the Ranking system works its just that there is no visible promotion/demotion going on. Usually when I lose many games and go down on the ranking leaderboard I will eventually start getting matched with players that aren't that good. I then start getting my win streak again and end up climbing the leaderboards again until eventually I start getting rivals on my level and then better. A agree that a visible level indication would be cool though.
  24. Blade4693

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    I agree. I would like something similar to KI or SFV's ranking system. Idk how it works but in NRS it feels like at any moment I could be matched with somebody who hasn't played a single match yet then turn around and have to fight Sonicfox lol

    I like the "ranks" in KI/SFV because it puts you in a player pool with others around your level. So if I am gold I don't have to worry about fighting 0LP people and destroying them or worrying about fighting Tokido unless of course I am in one of those ranks.

    I personally like KI's way the best, with SFV being in a close second.
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  25. Briggs8417

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    The matchmaking is pretty awful. It feels almost like it's first come first serve. It doesn't honestly bother me either way, if I really want to play people with a decent skill level I go out and find them most times. 90% of the time though I'm just looking for another body bag.

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