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Discussion in 'TYM News & Feedback' started by MKB, Jun 16, 2017.

By MKB on Jun 16, 2017 at 2:54 PM
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    Hi TYM. Hopefully your experience on these forums has been fun and informative at the same time. We go to great lengths to ensure this and are very happy to see the community thrive the way it does. The rules we have set forth were put in place to make that happen. Good trash-talk and competitive fire is always encouraged, provided it doesn't go over the line into abuse and insults. With that said, we need to bring up a talking point around NRS - specifically their staff and developers. In case you're new to the community and NetherRealm Studios' games... they have been listening to us FAR MORE in recent years. They are now literally part of our community. Some of them have even created accounts and posted as well. As with any other member of the site, we want them to feel welcome when coming to our forums and entering our discussions... we need to avoid the "toxic" atmosphere that is sometimes described on forums.


    In short, we will no longer tolerate the mindless bashing of NRS developers on this site. This does not mean you cannot post your grievances, but when doing so it needs to be in a constructive manner. Post your concerns with open arms and not clenched fists when typing. After all, chances are you're not the only one who feels the way you do. We simply require this type of discussion to be civil and anti-hateful.

    Thank you for making this community as great as it is. Now get back out there and bash some skulls!
As Forum General, my role is to ensure the forums are run as smoothly as possible via the assistance of the awesome staff in place. I also enjoy playing the old school MK games (MK2 most of all).


Discussion in 'TYM News & Feedback' started by MKB, Jun 16, 2017.

    1. A New Angel Is Advent
      A New Angel Is Advent
      I just want to know which developer I beat to get the fancy background so I can resume friendly trash talk.
    2. jackempty0
      sounds good
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    3. Sage Leviathan
      Sage Leviathan
      I actually lose brain cells every time someone tags Paulo about meaningless shit. Thank you.
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    4. G11OST
      To bash, or not to bash

      Love NRS since Midway.
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    5. RexxyC
      This is a very thin line, and there's a history of some of yall not walking it very well. Interesting rule.
    6. GuerillaTactix
      The way some people rag the devs you'd think they themselves have designed better fighting games. Lol!
    8. Tanno
      Now that makes sense. I'll grab some pop corn like an innocent panda I am.


      Carry on. :)
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    9. chores
      but can we still bash Tyler for his on-stream losses and dropped combos?
    10. Tanno
      I'd love to bash Tyler and 16 bit one day in MK someday. lol
    11. Jynks
      yay developers!!

      Maybe I can finally get some traction of the best MK Guest Char ever..


      Come on.. you know him and Cage would b best buds!!
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    12. gam224
      Well this is Orwellian
    13. TRVP6GXD
      I just want my beat a developer bg. Ive had the game since day one and still havent run into one online
    14. DDutchguy
      Fully agree with this post. In the long run it will be better for everyone if we do away with the non-constructive NRS bashing.
      As MKB said, if you think that, for instance, Black Adam does too much damage then it's fine to say "NRS should reduce his damage because it's too high" instead of "NRS are a bunch of idiots if they think releasing Black Adam with this damage was fine".
    15. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Exactly, that's how it should be done on any forum and on any community. NRS are doing far and beyond for their games, and whatever there is something in particular you don't like, you must at least give a constructive feedback, and not bashing them, let alone create negative rumors on them, just to lash your anger, otherwise you only harm the whole community, NRS, WB and their games as a whole.

      Excellent post @MKB , kudos to you!
    16. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      Hey, If you guys fix the input glitches then I'll do whatever the hell you want
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    17. Wowbiggulps
      Ive never got people ripping on the devs either. Seems counterproductive, like a surefire way to get them to NOT listen to the community.

      But can I use this as an opportunity to let the devs know that there is a glitch with Cyborg match replays where the sound effect for his TA, once the move is used, is incessant throughout the entire replay? I know only like 5 of us use Cyborg so I'm thinking it might be unreported lol.
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    18. scarsunseen
      NRS should just hire me to be their bash receiver :) Seriously, hire me. :)
    19. tehdrewsus
      May as well rename to NRSForums or something like that.

      This site was built on a classic mk foundation, and now classic mk gets zero respect.

      @STORMS - promises were made to front page my UMK3 event that took place in April. I was simply told to remind a moderator a month or a few weeks before the event. Not only was it not front paged nor featured, it wasn't even tweeted out. Nothing.

      And now tym is resorting to tshirt sales. Just sell out to NRS already. If you haven't yet.
    20. Daemantalo
      But can we still make memes about Lord Paulo, God Emperor of Balance?
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    21. MKB
      I joined this site back when it was UltimateMK, then ClassicMK, and now TYM. I remember the roots of this site, like yourself, very well. I will always love MK2 as my favorite Midway/NRS game. I put so much time into that game and the forum supporting it. But LBSH... the classic games, as fun as they are, are decades old. They are not supported by any current generation system aside from PC via Steam or the antiquated Kailera servers. Unless NRS decides to re-release them again, it is what it is.

      The ClassicMK threads and forums will always be here and people will always play those games, but we have to support and respect the current generation of games and the gamers who play them as well.
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    22. STORMS
      Regarding the UMK3 content and promotion, it was simply to due my unavailability at the time. I can wholeheartedly say that I did Tweet your event out and it was FP'd. I do not believe it was covered during the time of the event though, unless someone else did it.

      I would sell out to NRS in a heartbeat. Why wouldn't I? I've based my life around MK and now INJ for basically my entire life. Also, the shirts never sold... the most recent ones anyway. :(
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    23. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      NRS is godlike, they've always listened to me. As far as i know, TYM heavily influences in the result of the game, how come ppl bashing on NRS thinking its only devs entirely fault? we're part to blame as well.

      Besides, what proof do you even need more, they are even listening us right now, and are not going overboard with patches and are waiting it out to see how it plays out.

      Also @Paulo, i've seen a little hint on returning MK9 moves on the new sub-zero trailer, hopefully MK9 Skarlet returns with all her legacy moves
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    24. Nausea
      Its actually laughable that this even needs to be addressed.

      TYM needs an overhaul.

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