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Match Footage - Hellfire Npab-frozen acid kombat kups and konquest matchs


There it is...
Didnt realise scorpion had a move outside j3 :DOGE

This dudes sick where can i find scorpions like this.

Also takeda face in that video preview


best proclaimed hellfire scorpion
didn't get to do konquest last weeks some missing some videos for that, however i did do kombat kup yesterday and the week before but all the clips didn't save. I will update the op with them(the playlist) and also post here


This guy's a fraud there are like 48 Hellfire's better than him in EU breh was good.
why don't we do the funny thing:

hellfires US vs hellfires EU

online of course if the US hellfires can still cancel their strings with 150 ping


fear the moobs
Just a fellow hellfire player showing what scorpion can do in the Kombat Kup!
Some of the matches are missing for the kombat cups and konquests But i will update this thread weekly with my results
do you know the frames on his cancels?


best proclaimed hellfire scorpion
didn't do 2 well this week only made top 32 yung monster was playing on fucking point today i can't get salty at all.here are the few matches i have! will be back on wendsday!