Northwest KoTH Server?

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by Pagan, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Pagan

    Pagan Noob

    Hey Northwest,

    I was just thinking that if you play people in your local area the lag online is almost non existent. Since we are spread all over, maybe the answer is making our own KoTH server?

    Some questions,

    Which platform should we use?

    What days and times work for everyone?

  2. collinlg22

    collinlg22 Noob

    The weekends are good for me. I play on ps3 though so I am of course going to say ps3
  3. Interesting idea. I've played with several people from my city before and the lag was just as bad as playing someone from another state. I think the online for this game in general is just really bad, for PSN at least.
  4. Pagan

    Pagan Noob

    It might have just been the service then. When I play people from Nor Cal or Washington I only really feel it around the end of an air combo. KoTH servers also have built in lag from so many people being in the same server.
  5. collinlg22

    collinlg22 Noob

    im down to play the next 2 days pagan. most like during the evening though. got plans tonight but tomorrow and sunday i dont
  6. Pagan

    Pagan Noob

    Sorry Collin I work a 12 hour shift on saturday and sunday. If you got any kind of reprieve during the week I am down :)
  7. Goopynose

    Goopynose Chomp chomp...HSSSSS!

    Adding both of you guys on PSN if you're up for some laggy games :)

    IDYLEHANDZ burger slave

    Online is some laggy horrible stuff, but I could be persuaded to hop on psn for some fights that arent with the normally super offensive people that populate mk9 online.
  9. McNasty

    McNasty Moist.
    Premium Supporter

    bumping this thread any xbl people want to get this going me and s7ater tested it out and it wasnt TOO bad. With meet ups being few and farther apart maybe this could be a shot in the arm for NWMK?

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