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Normal hits length test


By @KOHR, Translated by @Biggs

In the previous article, the hitboxes of jabs were measured. That test was very hard to preform. But now it is possible to easily measure the length of any attack using the source code of rom. If you compare the results from both tests for jabs only, then you will see that they are mostly the same, but sometimes closely ranked characters are swapped in rating. This is because the previous test accounts for hitbox position relative to the pushbox, but the new test only shows bare hitbox length. You can easily retest the data by yourself or test other moves with the next steps:

1) Download mame 0.170
2) Put "umk3.zip" into "roms" dir.
3) Download and unpack "hitboxes.zip" into root mame dir
4) Run "hitbox.bat"

You will see the game window and a console window. You can perform any attack you want and the length of the hitbox for every attack will be displayed in the console.
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I was recording all the hitbox data when I found that Kung Lao is the only character with a Jump Punch that is different from his Neutral Jump Punch. Kung Lao's JP has a length of 103, but his NJP has a length of 104. Very weird haha