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Discussion in 'Noob Saibot' started by Pig Of The Hut, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    My new main was voted to be Noob for a week so time to take him seriously

    Whats his practical ones combos and setups ?

    Im currently doing jip b214 ex up shadow, shadow , shadow, 12 ex up shadow, shadow, shadow, 12 straight shadow

    Is close portal off of jip b214 up shadow, ex up shadow NJP plant, close portal any worth or gimmicks?

    How viable is this 80%+ combo reset thingy? jip b214 far portal, throw shadow - repeat b214 far portal throw shadow 3x into ghost ball tele slam

    They can always tech roll or armor right?

    Standing 1 or 2 for aa?

    Whats the good tech i remember about using 33 upshadow mixup stuff?
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  2. Madzin

    Madzin FEAR ME!

    After NJP Back 2 , b1214 + far Portal

    Can be tech roled + armor

    best dmg combo in corner 212 ex upknee, standing 3 ex upnee and so on

    Standing 2 is better AA + best punish to follow up on blocked roll or tele
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  3. I heard u can do 30% 2 bars in the corner, pretty good.
  4. Matix218

    Matix218 D4, D4, D4, D4

    Pig you should get in touch with DR. His corner setups with noob are amazing. Also I have heard Grolarbears has a godlike noob too. Those guys can help you I'm sure. Who knows, maybe you will end up loving noob! LBSH he is the most badass looking character in the game. I don't main him but he is my favorite character.
  5. CRUM

    CRUM Make Plays, Not Excuses

    Yeah Pig you were whiffing those portal traps hardcore, although I still got my ass kicked so I guess you did something right.
  6. Espio

    Espio Chasing Waterfalls

  7. fr stack

    fr stack I hear you like HTB's

    in corner :
    b1214 upknee , f333 upknee, njp, portal, slide /clone
    b121 portal f 33 upknee , 3 upknee , 12 upknee etc
    midscreen :
    d4 behind portal , upknee trap is decent
    b121 behind portal , f 33 , njp combo
    b121 behind portal , f33 ex upknee , dashx2 , f33, 12 clone /slide
    b21 ex portal ,upknee, njp , combo (the upknee whiffs unless they jump forward )
    corner swag :
    b12 ex portal , backdash , uppercut , d4 upknee , combo
    i usually only use this after the first combo listed using a clone , it times perfectly with their landing so they at least have to block
    hope these help some ;)
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  8. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    Daaaamn, pig going all in!!!
  9. Rathalos

    Rathalos Play Monster Hunter!
    Premium Supporter

    Be like Chris G and waste 3 bars of meter for a 40% combo in the corner. It may be impractical, but it is stylish as fuck.
  10. Matador Fiend

    Matador Fiend #DrahminMK11

    Hey man those 3 bar corner combos have their place since its unbreakable. Because of scaling it does more damage to blow all 3 bars immediately on unknee instead of doing like upknee, Ex upknee, upknee, ect if I remember correctly
  11. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

    l Enenra l
    That's on a good day, didn't he do like a 3 bar 11-13 hit for 31%? You don't need condoms when you got swag
  12. Lemon1991

    Lemon1991 #4 Quan-chi on Deadly Alliance

    a really common one that I like to do is 21 DF2, which puts a shadow right on top of your opponent if they've blocked it. I've found most try to jump so I usually NJP, which puts them into the portal, and drops them down on top of me. If I'm quick enough I can hit them with 1, 12 EX upknee, followed by a tele.

    That and the one that everyone knows : B1214 DF2, DF3 njp 1, 12 EX shadow, tele.
  13. Lemon1991

    Lemon1991 #4 Quan-chi on Deadly Alliance

    also, 212 upknee or 12 upknee are good for rushdown pressure with noob.
  14. I agree with Madzin that standing 2 is significantly better. I've been using it for some time.

    I tend not to go for a lot of portal setups in the corner, but I will occasionally go for EX ghost ball setups.
    I also tend not to use more than one bar in a corner combo to be more efficient with meter, but it is good to know situational combos that do higher damage.

    BnBs I use:

    212 ex upknee, standing 3, 12 upknee, 12 upknee, 12 upknee, d1 up knee - 48% 1 bar.
    212 up knee, 12 upknee, b1214 EX ghostball - ~36% 1 bar.
    212 up knee, 12 uk, 12 uk, 12 uk, 12 uk, d1 uk. - ~38% meterless

    I use 212 as a go to string because it has the best scaling of all his strings. But you can apply the same ideas to other strings, or add a portal at the end of a 1 or 1,2 when you'd like.

    It's easy to get out of Noob's midscreen portal traps off his strings. I generally only go for the off an air-to-air or AA situation like Standing 2, 12, far portal into shadow. You can also set up meter building scenarios or grab mix ups off of a landed portal if you feel it's a good decision. Like if you know you need breaker and you let them fall to the ground and then do a block string or grab if they have breaker.

    Someone can probably explain portal set ups better because like I said, I normally don't use them. Noob's grab mix ups are very strong.

    My two cents right now.
  15. Alien Substance

    Alien Substance Evanesce
    Lead Moderator

    I enjoy Shadow Sliding during a blockstring, but I don't do them much, so that my opponent avoids getting used to them. I usually like to Shadow Slide after F+3,3,3 because nobody expects that. After a hit Slide, I do an Upknee straight away or after a quick forward dash to check my opponent. This info isn't much, but haven't seen any Noob Saibots do these so far.
  16. Ninj

    Ninj Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
    Premium Supporter

    f33 is neutral on block I think..I like that string. also doing b1 into b1214 catches scrubs a lot.

    my corner combo is

    b1214 ex upknee, 3,ex upknee, 12 upknee 12 upknee 12 upknee 1, portal for like 40%

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  17. Matix218

    Matix218 D4, D4, D4, D4

    Grolar this post is awesomeness. I think I'm going to use this and start trying to up my game in the corner with noob (my alt).

    Midscreen wise do you think it is a total waste to go for portal setups off of b214 or b1214 due to how easily escapable they are or do you still use them occasionally to keep people on their toes? I would imagine in general it is better to go for the guaranteed damage of teleport or shadow tackle right?
  18. fr stack

    fr stack I hear you like HTB's

    the only portal set up id actually attempt midscreen is b121 behind portal f 33 , they cant jump out all they can do is wake up in which case u block and punish accordingly
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  19. Matix218

    Matix218 D4, D4, D4, D4

    Thanks Stack. I'm a smoke main but noob is my favorite character and I want to up my game with him.
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  20. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    A couple of times I think I did b214 Portal on block then immediate up knee and if they jumped or attacked me it would put them into portal getting hit w up knee

    Does ex portal stay on ground longer?

    Why do I feel ex low shadow might have setup potential? The plant and advantage on hit is interesting
  21. Don't forget 12 ex upknee for spacing. After this you are at advantage and can choose to AA them with a tackle or push them away with a shadow. Noob Saibot has untechable throws and tackles so he has somewhat of a ground mix up game after these.
  22. Matix218

    Matix218 D4, D4, D4, D4

    I'm pretty sure they wont go into the portal if you do b214 portal (block) and then hit them with upknee. In my experience they always will land near the portal but it does not send them into it.
  23. I go for the occasionally. I use to go for them all the time just to make my opponent move, but I tend to tend combos in teleslam for the oki set ups. He has good hit advantage on teleslam and if you make them wary to take up, you can do stuff like dash up grab, F33 (grab) or finish the string and end with up knee for the slight advantage to keep pressure going. You can still throw out the portals midscreen because it does make your opponent move and once they jump forward out of the portal you may be able to dash up and B1214 or B1 into throw, B1 and bait out a cross over, etc. You just kind of have to play with it and find which option is the best for you and what you like doing the most. Most important things with Noob to me is that he is all fundamentals and mix ups. You should never just go into auto-pilot with him. You have to constantly present the same setups with different reactions from yourself or constantly throw out different setups for your opponent to guess what to do.

    A lot of people like to move around when a portal is on the screen, but if they're just going to stand there, go ahead. A lot of times, people will jump at you, also. I think it's unreliable, but if your opponent keeps doing it, go for it. lol.

    Ex portal is generally suck because it can not fall in front of or behind your opponent, imo. It will always fall right on top of your opponent, and I believe it is on the ground for a shorter amount of time, but I'm not the person with the answer to that one. I would only use it in the corner.

    I actually like EX low shadow every now and then, especially doing it like B12 (ex low shadow) and baiting a wake up or cross over, but this is also a read and it might take one or two ex low shadows in a set to really know what your opponent may do. Use it against Kung Lao for the luls, because he will always spin.

    I'm glad you mention this setup because I have been wondering about using b121 behind portal, but I know they can wake up and tech roll, but no one will ever tech roll this on the first attempt, and its hard to tech roll it anyway, so it may be pretty reliable. Good stuff, stack. :)
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  24. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    One last question

    I see Noob players showing no love for b214 , whats up w that? Whats the most preferable strings after JIP and and for pressure?

    Also f4 3 (I think thats it) looks ridiculous and hopeless lol
  25. Madzin

    Madzin FEAR ME!

    JIP b214 is bad because sometimes the opponent suddenly can block the 14 after b2. Think its character specific.

    You cant imagine how much people get trolled because of f43 + shadow they dont see that coming
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