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NJP Combo #Scorpion / Mortal Kombat 11 Beta #Swag

If you're looking for a simple one for people who don't have the execution to jumps and stuff after a teleport and don't want to worry about the situationalness of KBs, a basic combo that does decent damage is:

4 - Teleport (MB) - B1 -Demon Dash (MB) - 279 Damage

You can use any starter, but the standing 4 seems to give the most damage.


The Immortal Tiger
A couple people in the "Scorpion Beta General Discussion" thread are experimenting with some pretty easy newly discovered 1 bar 28-30+% combos for Scorp courtesy of @Scott The Scot. I'm sure once we've gotten it as optimum as possible one of us will post it all over the Scorpion subforum so Scorp fans can get their kombo on!