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Nightwolf Tech Thread


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This thread is for any tech related to Nightwolf. Feel free to post anything u find for Nightwolf that may be useful! I'll start off with what I've found so far

Ancestral Gift Tick Throw Options:
S1, 11, D1, D3, D4 (d4 can be backdashed away however) S2, F2121 (third hit can be block confirmed) Update: 11 and s2 are actually weird bugs that somehow works?

Additional notes: s2 into tick throw can not be fatal blowed whereas d1 into tick throw can be stuffed. I have not yet tested the other strings yet (will update later)
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So, turns out that NIghtwolf's Reflect can even Reflect Erron Black's Drop Shot, which can low profile even Cassie's Low Gunshot.

So its not just within the range of the reflect animation, but rather his whole body.

I can also confirm that even though it appears to be a projectile, this cannot reflect Shang's Corpse Drop
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As for AAs (Anti Air), it goes in this order (from best to worst):
B1 isn’t good, it looks nice on paper, doesn’t work.
To get s1 AA, you need a step back before doing it (that’s if your opponent uses a jump kick (jump 3/4). Also s1 AA is really good if it’s an empty jump-in or a jump attack that was delayed. I repeat, s1 isn’t good at optimal height of jump3/4. In addition, B2 required a read/instant reaction due to its start up. But it hits more consistently than s1. These are his universal options, even though his df2 (tomahawk launcher) can AA with a solid reaction or back step. If anyone feels different, be sure to let me know.
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His reflect also only reflects one of Cassie's straight shot bullets even though they are pretty close to each other moving across the screen. So basically it's a damage trade unless the Cassie I played just wasn't blocking. It may be damage for her and only chip for him. Seemed to punish her low gunshot tho, but again, maybe she wasn't blocking lol


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not rly. it sucks yeah but Boulder to Geyser was too risky against Geras (sandtrap reversal), Scorpion (tp) and slightly risky against Liu kang (Flawless block or good microdash for spacing then dragon kick) and Sub Zero.. (bad timing = amp ice ball) aka a huge chunk of the online community.

it sucks but it's nothing we can't overcome. it's just another of "those" matchups.


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B132 is so plus on hit that Ancestral Gift gets a safe teleport behind them, but you'll have to block immediately. Not sure it's tech, but it's interesting. Maybe someone can work with it and find something.
He also can side switch with it after his Command Grab amplify, but I think any time you have that kind of frame advantage then you probably could just dash up and oki. The side switch is significant though, he could definitely make reads on wakeups and whatnot and it's just another thing to stress the opponent with


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So for some reason boulder doesn't reflect back at close range???
Yeah, it seems so, at close distance you absorb the damage but don't reflect the projectile. I suspect it is made this way in order to solve a difficult animation problem due to the size of the projectile.