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Next Qualifier for Destroyer's Online Event and CGL

"Hey, you said this thing was tomorrow? But that header says the 24th!" You are right. That's because Destroyer is hosting two separate things: the next part of his super hype qualifier series is taking place tomorrow, but he's also a part of CGL's Konsole Kombat, and there's an event for that coming up soon.


You can watch it all on his Twitch, 6PM EST for both events. You can scope out the entrants for tomorrow over here. You can also sign up for the CGL event here. This is all part of a big series CGL is running, so if you can't make this event, there's a ton others you can make (like Mr. Aquaman's in the link right next to this one). But if you just want to watch, there'll be a ton of really good matches to check out so you can have fun there too.