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New MKX TIER LIST Presented by Team YOMI! (12/03/15)


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Hello everyone. We know it's been a while since our last tier list so without further wait, we present to you our newest and latest tier list:

- All characters are placed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER within a tier group.
- Assume the character is using their best suited variation for a match-up (Example: Hat Trick won't bring Kung Lao down as Tempest covers mostly all, while Aftershock for Tremor will cover many match-ups where Crystalline will fall short)
- B and C tiers do not necessarily mean characters placed within these parts are "bad" characters, just that they may not have as much winning or even match ups as the tier groups above them.

All credit to the layout and image design goes to @gongfuren!

Agree or disagree? Discuss.


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Kytinn King
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This actually looks really good, I like D'Vorah's placement, she is exactly where I would put her. Also the format looks really nice, very pleasing to the eye.


Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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id switch kang and tremor for a start anyways.

@YOMI REO know its i alphabetical order but id say tremor sits on top of Atier(within top 10), think him being placed in S is more to do with DJT being a beast that the character itself. i would LOVE to see djts/yomis tremor mu chart

edit: i also think crystalline is better than aftershock but thats neither here nor there