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New Jade brutality 'Bad Trip'

The Klassic (Basic)
Flawless (Basic)
Clean Sweep (Character Tower Reward - Stage 2)
Deadly Dance (The Krypt - The Dead Woods - 250 Heart Chest) (3465, -1136) (Towers of Times - Jaded)
Getting Ahead (Kombat League Season 2 Reward - Complete 10 Ranked Daily Challenges)
(Towers of Time - KO-OP - Furious Vengeance)
Looking Good (Towers of Time - Trick or Treat - Event Halloween) (Towers of Time - KO-OP - Bloody Arena)
Shaken Not Stirred (Character Tower Reward - Stage 4)
What Would Mileena Do? (The Krypt - Random Normal Chest)
Bad Trip (performed by the AI atm)


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
Is this in the completion list in KL? Didn't even read them yet lol.

Also, is her lick the pole taunt in her character towers? I have most stuff unlocked for her except that being one of her taunts.