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Breakthrough - Ruthless New Ferra torr bnbs!


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The b12 link isn't hard. Just think as the cancel as ffR2 and then press down up.


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When I starting playing mkx again I noticed (at least I think I did correct me if I'm wrong) that a lot if ruthless' specials can be combo'd into now. And I been practicing with him a lot now. So fun doing lots of damage


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I tried it out a bit and s4 dash cancel njp is really easy to do and is the most damaging 1 bar combo with 52% yet which is pretty cool. meterless I think it's better to go for the traditional bnb's but with meter it's definitely the way to go. imo b12 is too hard to hit confirm. it's a shame that it doesn't work with b121 but it is what it is.


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The next Ferra/Torr downplayers I see is getting beat up on sight if I ever see them.

But good find Cooljaxx this shit is ridiculous.