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Discussion in 'Clan & Team Discussion' started by Vjeekes, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    Hi Guys,

    Some of you might know me, I'm Vjeekes, an active ps3 MK9 player.
    I was once part of the "DA" PAL clan and it was pure fun. (biggest active clan on MKD and MKA)
    Since there are no active clans on PAL PS3(at least not that I know) I would love to create one.
    Hopefully some others will follow by creating other clans and allow us to make some clan wars and stuff.
    Thats why i'm looking for some players to join me.

    The people who want to join the "Brothers of Pain" clan have to be aware of the next rules:

    - You have to be an active player
    - skilled (not extremely skilled but reasonable)
    - good mentality (accept losses, don't quit or pull)
    - No spamming or flaming in the lobby
    - keep in touch with the clan (on the site or ps3)
    - Join online training sessions
    - Join online tournaments
    - Create an account starting with BOP_ to represent the clan

    Post here if you are interested.

    I'll make an official memberlist afterwards.

    Hopefully this will work out.

  2. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    - BoP_Slay3Rrr (Vjeekes)
    - BoP_ATROX (DA-Atrox)
    - BoP_Death (Fabio-Killz)
    - BoP_Nihilist (Lexa315)
    - BoP_Loog (Loogie)
    - BoP_Ruby (Qwark228)
    - BoP_Thother (Horu5)
    - BoP_Holdwolf (Holdwolf)
    - BoP_Shadow (Shadow316)
    - BoP_ZtrideRz (ZtrideRz)
    - ...
  3. DA-Atrox

    DA-Atrox Mustard

    Vjeekes, BUDDY!

    its me! DA-Atrox, from the good old Deception-times! I'd love to join your clan! :) sign me! :D
    I can try to reactivate DA-Husky! he played MK9 just a few month and changed to GT5, because he's missing the clan-matches, too! But I fought him last friday and his Raiden is still a beast!

    Edit: I'll start to get the alternate customes for the new acc!
  4. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    Yo my man,

    How's life? Good to have you here...
  5. DA-Atrox

    DA-Atrox Mustard

    Life's good! Thx! So am I in? If so, I'll have all costumes tomorrow and start playing with the new tag! :D

    I hope there'll be some more! Or we 2 will rock MK online! ;)
  6. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    Of course my friend,
    Every DA member is welcome without any discussion :)
    Lets hope that this clan will work out and we find a few other members.
  7. DA-Atrox

    DA-Atrox Mustard

    yeah! thx man! my new psn-acc: BOP_Atrox! I start fighting now! see you later!
  8. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    I have seen Fabio online and he will also join...
  9. DA-Atrox

    DA-Atrox Mustard

    what was his DA nick?
    I've done the story-mode (again)! but the costumes will come tomorrow! its enough today! :)
    when I got the costumes, I'll be online with this acc! hope to meet you there! ;) add me on PSN!
  10. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    I don't know his nick anymore. I even had hard times to remember mine lol (Da Scizo muahahah)
    He'll join the site soon
  11. DA-Atrox

    DA-Atrox Mustard

    well I guess he'd never been in DA! :D but good news! we're one more! DA-Husky will join! when his notebook is repaired, he will join this site, too!
    but he likes the idea of a new clan!
    the only thing I'm worried about, is: I don't think he likes to play the story again or get all alternate costumes! but I think its not really necessary! its good to have a new member!

    so now we are 4! :) its getting interesting!
  12. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    Hi Atrox,

    Cool that Husky is coming too!!
    I have to friends on psn that should join too. They will come overhere to subscribe.

    Ah btw, merry x-mas

  13. Lexa315

    Lexa315 Noob

    hi everybody! so how can i join BOP?
  14. Lexa315

    Lexa315 Noob

    lol i get a subscribe)))
  15. DA-Atrox

    DA-Atrox Mustard

    I had some nice fights last night! I had been online with the acc of my buddy DA-Husky! so when I met some1 of u: I had a lot of fun! very good games guys!
    @all clan-members: add me to your psn-friends, so we can have some nice fights!

    c ya!
  16. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup "More deadly than the dawn"
    News Editor Official ESL Gaming

    any of you guys gonna be at WGC in France?
  17. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    Hi Lexa,

    Glad you made it!! How's life?
    Normally the way to decide if someone is welcome to the clan is with votes. If the majority agrees he's in.
    Since we are still building up the clan and we are only 5 (without you) it is absurd to vote.
    And of course, I'm aware of your skilles and knowhow.
    And skilles is what we need to bring this clan to the top :)
    So you are officially in!
    I know you still want to play under your existing account (lexa315) and thats no problem but in the future you will have to create a second one with our clantag when we do clan battles and stuff just to represent our clan.
    Can you tell me under which name you wanna be known? Mine is BoP_Slay3Rrr loool

  18. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    Is it a tourney? Where in France will it be and on which date?

  19. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    Heyy Atrox,

    Hows life man? What is the account of Da-Huskey? Does he already have a BoP_ Account?

  20. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
    Premium Supporter News Editor Official ESL Gaming

    Cannes, on the 17-19th of febuary.

    there'll be a great turnout, not one to miss.
  21. loogie

    loogie Noob

    hi there,
    i am pretty sure we crossed paths online before, as i am an active MK onliner...
    i like the clan/team idea and would like to be part of a group to hone skills further and all in all have better more quality fights online.
    hit me up on PSN and pm me whenever online and we can get this clan rolling :p
  22. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    See you in the arena my friend! :) You can already start bleeding Muahaha! :) just kidding.
    Glad you are interested to join our community.

  23. STB Hellbringer

    STB Hellbringer On your knees!

    Cool to see some more belgian mk players. too bad its on PSN i only have xbox :(
  24. Vjeekes

    Vjeekes DevilApes

    Buy a ps3 on ebay and join us :)
  25. STB Hellbringer

    STB Hellbringer On your knees!

    Haha might do that :p

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