New Ed Boon and Derek Kirtzic Interview

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by RonnyRAGE, Mar 10, 2017.

By RonnyRAGE on Mar 10, 2017 at 12:04 PM
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    GameReactor have posted a new article containing interviews with Ed Boon and Derek Kirtzic. In the interviews they discuss NRS' latest innovation, the Gear system.

    One new piece of information gained from this article, is that Gear can be sold for in-game currency which can be used to buy more Motherboxes. This could be particularly useful for character specialists who have acquired gear for characters they have no intention of using any longer, and still have rare items to unlock for their main:
    "Kirtzic assured us. You can even sell gear from Motherboxes for currency, which can then be used to buy more Motherboxes, if you want of course."

    You can read more here:


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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by RonnyRAGE, Mar 10, 2017.

    1. TheGangstaFace
      Only new information I got from that is that you can sell gear for in-game currency. Glad I skimmed through it lol
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    2. SneakyTortoise
      I did the same but missed that bit. Good spot, I really like that that's a feature
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    3. RonnyRAGE
      I'd prefer a system where we couldn't get duplicates. I hate in COD I open a Rare supply Drop and get all duplicates. I'm glade that we can sell them though.
    4. MisguidedAngel
      And that's not new either haha. Said it in an interview last week.
    5. TheGangstaFace
    6. Eldriken
      Since it's based off of RNG and has a loot system similar to Diablo, Borderlands, etc, it's probably almost impossible or not worth the effort to make it to where duplicates won't drop.
    7. sling1414
      No microtransactions for gear is nice.
    8. FinalBoss_FGC
      Uh oh. Motherboxes. That's where microtransactions come into play. You pay for keys or whatever that can unlock motherboxes. So technically you don't HAVE to spend money to get gear...but it sure would help.

      I'm just taking a guess here because it is WB Games...
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    9. Humongousfungus!
      Micro-transactions although pretty much universally hated by gamers, are hugely successful within the industry. Don't expect it to change any time soon.
    10. Dabluprint4
      In the interview last week.. Derek said there will be NO micro-transactions to ANYTHING gear related.
    11. RYX
      respect to NRS for not doing microtransactions

      it'd be nice to see a trading system put in place; if I get a duplicate that a friend might want, or just something I don't plan to use, be cool if we could do a swap
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    12. trufenix
      Poison Ivy plays like no one else (per Derek). Dr fate's normals are all magic. Rerolls and such are governed by tokens you have to get from mother boxes. Story mode has multiple endings (or at least paths). Biggest launch cast and dlc cast to date.
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    13. Rathalos
      I won't believe the no microtransatctions thing until the game is released, and even then I will be skeptical they don't patch it in like a few other games have done.

      I just can't trust the WB.
    14. RonnyRAGE
      This game keeps getting better and better.

      I really hope that they add some other way to end a match ( Heroic Brutalities or Stage Finishers Etc . Opponents taking a knee is already old. Stage Ultra's in Killer Instinct are rated "T" for Teen
    15. HRshuvNStuff
      I have a feeling it's going to be hard to find player matches with gear turned off. Ranked will probably be the only game mode played without gear for the most part. This gear shit is cool and all but I think it's going to make for a limited and, ultimately, fucked online experience.
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    16. trufenix
      Yeah honestly, not that I wasn't already going to buy it, but evidence of some brutality equivalent would buy my pre-order now. I'm going to have a hard time accepting any nrs game from this point forward without it.
    17. StormGoddess
    18. myri
      Get in touch with the other competitive players in your area and play casuals set without gear turned on, I know that's what everyone here in Australia will be doing.
    19. MisguidedAngel
      One new thing from this interview is confirmation that there won't be any virtual graffiti like in Tekken or Soul Calibur ;).

      Having people with neon pink skin wearing a dinosaur floatation device around their waste etc...
    20. Overlord Pram
      Overlord Pram
      Good to know Injustice came before MK9.

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