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New cross-platform unlocks: Undercover Cassie and Cybernetic Jacqui

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So apparently the new mobile update is out and it includes the new cross-platform unlocks. Cassie's skin is called "Undercover" and Jacqui's is called "Cybernetic". Apparently you can go ahead an unlock them on mobile, but you don't get them on consoles until March 1st when the patch drops.

Here are some images by nainotlaw on Reddit:

EDIT: Click the images for bigger versions, of course.


I like Undercover Cassie. I was kinda disappointed that Johnny didn't get his traditional Tuxedo alternate, but at least one of the Cages have it now.

I'm not a big fan of Cybernetic Jacqui, though. It looks okay, but not great.


Holy shit does that Cassie one look terrible.

Jacqui's looks like Orchids's alternate costume:

Oh man, it kinda does.

And Bo' Rai Cho stole Dhalsim's moves (flame-floor, anti-air flame blast, big fire projectile, etc).

NRS confirmed ripping-off others ideas.


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Jusy downloaded the app. It doesn't show tuxedo cassie or undercover jacqui in the mobile to console unlocks.

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The fact that the game is 1 fucking GB storage on the App Store and my storage is filled with pictures so i can't download it. :mad:


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A guy on Reddit said he hacked XL's data or whatever. Also said Tanya's b1 got changed to a special, but said he couldn't post anything due to "security concerns", which pretty much proves it's probably all fake.
You're telling me Tanya can gain meter for whiffing b1 if this is true?
Pls no, unless my girl Dragon Naginata got something too.
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