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New corner setup with GL.


Well i just found something new before New year and i wanned post it here and see if you guys like it.

This new set up is pretty cool because you can tech roll but at the same time is 50/50 because if i see you roll i can use the interact but if you decide to stay you gonna have block.

Those 3 videos are the same but with the free interac if i get the set up and the combo.

In those videos you will see that the only way to scape the free interac after the combo is tech roll and use the Metter Burn B3 but anyway i'll still safe.


King of the Bill
Nice dude, I've been picking up GL for the hell of it and he's really fun. One question though, can't the opponent tech roll after the MB Oa's rocket? Doesn't that get them out of the jump in cross-up setup?