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Never Fail another Boss Tower again!

Here's a simple walkthrough to help anyone get a guaranteed win in a boss tower (with the right gear). Check it out!

This is probably well known, but I never see any info on it. Saw it used once and was curious and Finally got it to work with the correct augments. This is a guarantee'd one shot from fatal blow to any and all current Bosses, characters, towers in the game. No more relying on teamates, no more dealing with RNG elements of modifiers. Fire and forget, and instantly win, no bullshit. All you need to know in video. And most of you probably have these augments rotting and didn't even know it.

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When you play the Boss Tower it asks if you want to play single-player or multiplayer. This should still work for single-player, right? If so you wouldn't even have to load multiplayer and have to deal with teammates over the mic.

I also wonder if different characters have Augments similar to the D'Vorah ones shown in the video.
Liu kang has one that increases his damage the longer the fight ticks down, but d’vorah is a 1 hitter quitter. And yes you can do this solo. But you need to big dick it for your team and wow them by soloing it for them ;)
Baraka is also a boss killer;
Stack 2 "Cold Start" (skull - headgear) augments and you can chop chop bosses down in no time.
Start at 80% reduced dmg, but gain a 12% increase for each subsequent hit.
Works on the new Team Raid too! Don't have to rely on anyone, fire and forget, collect loot and move on. If you repeat the Team Raids and carry teams you unlock new ICONs as well.