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Nethrerealm Studios Competing in Charity Kickball Event


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Yes, you read that title right and no this isn't some weird Mortal Kombat Spin-Off title. The employees of Netherrealm Studios will be participating in a charity kickball game to raise donations for Comer Children's Hospital, and here's how you can help!

If you have any money you can afford to donate, you can do so by going to their RallyUp page. The money is for a greater campaign put together by Chicago Lootdrop, a charity group that buys toys, game consoles, and other things so sick kids in hospitals don't have to be as miserable dealing with everything else they've got going on.

The main campaign page is over here, and it looks like they have one more day to hit their overall goal of $6,000. They are about $1,300 short of that, and Netherrealm Studios is about $300 shy of being the best team. If you can afford to give something, please do! If you can't, just share the campaign. They don't need that much more, and the guys at Netherrealm have given us thousands of hours of entertainment. It'd be cool if we could help them hit this goal and help out some sick kids.
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That's a nice thing and glad it goes to a good cause. I used to love kickball.