NetherRealm scene on fire as question sparks debate

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Nov 27, 2017.

By STORMS on Nov 27, 2017 at 12:57 PM

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    As I made my landing on twitter today, I saw that @Pig Of The Hut had made a post declaring that he would no longer be posting about FGC stuff due to a response he got from a "CEO". After looking down through the tweets, he was referring to Ed Boon...

    Source: @bambamguitar

    Basically, what happened was Pig created a poll on twitter asking, "Who is the true Injustice 2 champion in everyone’s opinion?". The options were between Dragon for winning EVO and ELeague or SonicFox for winning all of the Injustice Pro Series events. Sure, both players are on a pedestal with their accomplishments, however, I do believe it's a fair question. I say that because SonicFox would beat Dragon more often than Dragon would defeat SonicFox. Also, because they did not defeat each other to get to the championship.

    For example, Forever King eliminated SonicFox from ELeague by beating him both times. Dragon would go on to win ELeague by defeating all in his path.

    Source: @noobde

    With this said, I believe it's a fair question, but I also respect both Dragon's and Sonic's accomplishments.

    What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Pig's question was warranted or do you believe he was out of place?
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Nov 27, 2017.

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    1. John Grizzly
      John Grizzly
      Not sure what to think about this. Was Ed just messing around? I don't think what Pig said was "stirring shit up" at all. It's a very valid question at this point.
    2. Redk9
      Seems pretty out of character for Boon. I normally love the dude but that response was in pretty bad taste.
    3. SoundsLikePAUSE
      Honestly, this shouldn't even be a question in my opinion. From the very beginning every one competing in IPS, Hometown Heroes, etc. were all working towards ELEAGUE. Dragon is the champion. He won when and where it counted most which is not an easy thing to do.

      With that being said, I agree with Boon. The question was definitely going to cause drama and Pig was well aware of that. It was un-needed imo.
    4. EntropicByDesign
    5. CrazyFingers
      That seems absurdly out of character for Boon. Like clearly I dont know him personally but as far as even how he acts on social media, that's out of character...very strange.
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    6. HellblazerHawkman
      I personally don't see the big deal. It's not like there was any bad blood in this question, Dragon wasn't going to fist fight Sonic in a parking lot over this. It's a fair question worded tamely, who cares if Twitter assholes get upset? Look at every single tweet or social media post in regards to Mortal Kombat, it draws a certain crowd.

      And let's be real, Boon is one to talk about stirring shit up. His social media career is about stirring shit up, there was one dude on the post for the site I write for having a meltdown because TMNT were revealed over Spawn for DLC.
    7. Zionix
      No need to have IPS finals then if winning it means nothing.

      Dragon is the champ and im sure sonic wants his title back, hopefully going into s2 people know what events hold most prestige.
    8. Vengeance135
      Well... I mean... how else do you get hype matches? Rather Pig should have done it or not, realistically he is igniting the fires of competition and in a way, keeping the game relevant. Injustice 1 died out extremely fast. Injustice 2 has surprisingly had longevity.

      If you ask me, pig is trying to keep this game alive and there's no better way to do it other then getting people salty and getting the community involved.

      For those of you who remember...

      BIONIC ARMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Ram
      With all due respect, what's wrong with that though?
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    10. Juggs
      That tweet from Boon is ridiculous. Boon isn’t our boss, Pig can do whatever he wants.
    11. NothingPersonal
      Boon is a big fan of Black Adam it seems.
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    12. TakeAChance
      I think both reactions are pretty bad imo...
    13. Marlow
      I think Brant's question was uncalled for, Ed Boon's response was uncalled for, and that Brant is taking Ed Boon's tweet way too personally.
    14. MKF30
      Maybe Ed doesn't like drama, can you blame him? It's his game he can say what he wants. I can't fault Boon for not supporting childish bs. That's not the kind of support this game needs. Everyone has an opinion.
      Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
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    15. Ram
      With all due respect, how come?
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    16. Blade4693
      This is kind of weird.

      Firstly, what is wrong with asking that kind of question? Not seeing the issue.

      Second, like others have said that just seems out of character for Boon.

      Idk lol it just seems like an odd response.
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    17. B W1zZ
      B W1zZ
      That's funny, he shits on other people publically all the time but can't handle when it's done to him.
    18. SoundsLikePAUSE
      Well, I didn't even say it meant nothing. But the goal of IPS itself was to make it to Eleague anyways. Not to mention IPS was restricted to those who had the means to travel. Eleague brought in many who couldn't who ended up doing very well too.

      Didn't say it was wrong. Just un-needed. Drama's fine for those who enjoy it but the question does nothing to benefit or help the community so I can see why Boon wouldn't appreciate it.
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    19. The chosen puddle
      The chosen puddle
      Prob missed his morning basketball and coffee.
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    20. Marlow
      Because it's already a settled question. Dragon won E-League and EVO. He shouldn't have that legitimacy questioned just to manufacture some drama. Natural rivalries are all fun and good, but manufacturing drama just to get people fired up comes off as petty to me.
    21. DevilMaySpy
      I think it's bullshit. This is the first time in a long while that we've actually had a big storyline to discuss outside of the obvious "WHO'S GONNA WIN?!" This community was at its best when we had actual rivalries with players trying to prove they're the best by any means necessary. Now, everyone is just content with the fat prize pots, for which I certainly don't blame them, but it has noticeably dwindled the excitement from a viewer's perspective.

      The Injustice 1 saga will always be my favorite for that reason. You had regional wars (East vs. West vs. Midwest vs. South vs. Florida), nationwide personal rivalries, (Brady vs. Theo, KDZ vs. Theo, KDZ vs. DJT[SKILL GAP!], SonicFox vs. Jupiter, 16 Bit vs. Wonderchef[meta debate]) and even exciting local rivalries between KDZ and Rico Suave, 16 Bit and Max, Pig and Saltface, etc. I'm all for the callouts, exhibitions, and storylines. Bring all of it back.
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    22. CrimsonShadow
      I'm a big supporter of both Ed and NRS, but I don't understand the logic here at all.

      I'm going to step out there and say that Ed was probably upset at Pig over some tweets from the past, and just let it boil over here, when it's not really warranted.

      But this is the kind of hype YOU WANT for your game. And if it's not coming from the office, you should at least support the efforts when people are drumming it up for you.

      Free publicity, free clicks, more eyes, more interest. And now the way to really drive this point home is to have them play each other and have everyone see how amaing it actually ends up being.
    23. VSC_Supreme
      Ed wants the scene to be as exciting as the game is
    24. CrimsonShadow
      Ed Boon.. One of the biggest trolls in Twitter history... Doesn't like drama.... ?

      *Hands back your logic -- here my friend, you've dropped this at the door* :p
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