NetherRealm Looking at "Next-Gen" Development

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    Recently on the NetherRealm website, a few new positions have been posted. The main one we're looking at right now is the "gameplay software engineer". As mentioned over on RipTen they remind us that with NetherRealm's success with Mortal Kombat 9 and the port coming to Playstation Vita on May 1st... NetherRealm's creative director, Ed Boon has said that the team will likely branch out to other games. Rumor has it that NetherRealm's very next game will not be a Mortal Kombat game and hence where this article comes in to play... we may not see a new Mortal Kombat for a little while?

    The highlight to the new position posted on the NetherRealm site is its description, "porting the current development engine to Next Generation consoles as well as integrating new middleware for said consoles." Whatever NetherRealm has up their sleeves ensures only to impress as their other work with the Batman iOS game proved to be yet another quality title while working under Warner Bros as "NetherRealm Studios". Read more about this article here at RipTen.

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  2. Z-911-Z

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    T4L Z911
    I hope I don't need to buy a Playstation Quadruple to keep up with the community in two years.
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  3. PND OmegaK

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    PND OmegaK
    They should just stick to fighting games. :|
  4. FrothyOmen

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  5. fr stack

    fr stack I hear you like HTB's

    mk x wb ftw !! im maining roadrunner he'd be faster than kabal
  6. GrandMasterson

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    MK10 is going to be released alongside the new movie, so a new MK game isn't happening until at least 2013. Sorry guys, no UMK9 either.
  7. KRYS9984

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    So, Anyone else just want another Mortal Kombat?

    WTF is Neatherrealm doing? Just give the community what they want; make another game, take all the money to the bank and end it.

    Don't get me wrong, Mortal Kombat 9 is an excellent game but "broken" in many ways. By the looks of things we are never going to get a new patch since a majority of support / emphasis is going towards MK Vita, so what are we to do?
  8. GrandMasterson

    GrandMasterson Lord or thief, all will fall

    I'm going to say what I said in another thread: NRS is under WB now. NRS doesn't make these kinds of decisions. It's not like Ed Boon gets to do whatever he wants; he has a boss to answer to.

    Also, the reason MK9 won't be getting the Vita balance patch (Paulo himself said "it's not in the cards at the moment" on his Twitter) is because releasing patches cost money, and WB executives really don't care about Cyrax's broken resets.

    Yes, MK9 has problems. But you know what? We're still in MLG, Evo, and every major leading up to Evo. Our community is small, but we love our game despite its flaws and the only way MK9's problems will "kill" the game is if we let it.
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  9. KRYS9984

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    I agree, I just find it kind of sh***y that because of a bunch of WB bigwigs the game is not getting any (new) support. It's a shame.

    Trust me man, I would rather play / support Mortal Kombat than any other fighting game out there. Even though it has it's problems, we all have to do out part to make sure MK survives and is included in every upcoming major.
  10. MKF30

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    I'm totally for this, the team has talent for other genres, then by all means go for it...

    A team that size with their talent shouldn't be restricted to just "MK" while they kick ass at it, I'd love to see perhaps another fighting game from them all together or genre.
  11. Shadow Zero Kyo

    Shadow Zero Kyo (VSM) Leader of the Tarkatans and I am Shazam

    If they make a great action adventure game with a great storyline and gameplay I'm game.
  12. Keep it moist

    Keep it moist Nerf Demander

    i2 gaug3
    if there isnt exessive amounts of blood then i wont like it
  13. LesMore

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    I am at the age where rarely am I ever playing a Unique game experience. Most games are just updated versions of games already created. This is one reason I play fighting games, because of the depth.

    But Netherrrealm should not let down the fans... They should work on another mk... all the other game ideas are failbot 2000...
    And WB does not want fail, they want money... If I was an exec I would go with the proven money... MK

    But they will probably spend billions on the rights to hunger games and fail all over themselves..
  14. why ask for another game? I want to play MK9 at least for another 2 years.
  15. The game definitely isn't "broken", people just need to level up their shit and quit crying.
  16. LesMore

    LesMore Brooklyn Brawler of the community...

    I am with you...
    Ijust wish if they were going to work on something it would be more MK
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  17. This still a great game, If another game come out until 2013 we can use more Character..
  18. SilverKeyMan

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    Hold on... NeatherRealm isn't working on another Mortal Kombat, or they aren't working on another Mortal Kombat fighting game?

    -SKM (would play a Ninja Gaiden-esque game featuring Scorpion)
  19. Mortal Kombat Is still the best fighting out today. so give us more character will do..
  20. Albo

    Albo Noob

    It's understandable they want to branch out to do something different considering many of the staff there formerly worked at midway and have been making mk games for 20 years bar a few non mk games like stranglehold and blitz.

    After the huge success of mk with 3.5m+ copies sold and the announcement of the movie, i'd be very surprised if Warner bros from a publisher viewpoint, don't push NRS to develop an mk game to coincide with its release. That would give them pretty much 2+ years to develop it. Many of the fans are asking for MK10 (especially the competitive community) too and so from a business standpoint, it would probably be the best thing for them to do.

    NRS have expressed interest in doing an adventure type mk game similar to shaolin monks if the fans want it since it's something fresh and interesting for them to develop. I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to go down this route instead of making mk10. Then again i wouldn't be surprised if they do something completely different like they did with the batman game. I'm very much looking forward to their next project though.
  21. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    Meh, let me know when the next MK is out.
  22. KRYS9984

    KRYS9984 Noob

    I understand the statement of levelling up you game to compete with better players but referring to the game as "broken" doesn't necessarily mean that it is because of resets, etc..... there are other problems.

    IMHO, the bugs and mediocre online are the main issue; fix that and we have a game.
  23. garik16

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    I think NRS should try to start a 3d Fighting Game Franchise. You have an engine. So why not try and use it in an actual 3D game?
  24. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director

    Rumor I heard was a "DC fighter"

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