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Netherkast round-up: MK11 reveal expectations, variations and Warrior Shrine featuring….well, me


We are returned! Death to the False Emperor!
It's been a while since we checked in with our favourite podcast boys and, whaddaya know, they've been busy! So let's dive and bury ourselves in Netherkast-y goodness!

First up, the boys reflect on the MK11 reveal from the safe distance of a week away: now that we've all calmed down and had a nice cup of tea and stopped breaking out in fits of excited giggles every five seconds, what can we expect from MK11? What should we expect? Is the hype justified?

Then you can hear the guys thoughts on what "custom variations" means, the reliability (or otherwise) of leaks and what to expect from the MK11 Reveal that the boys will also be attending!

But let's be honest, the main event here is the latest Warrior Shrine. Featuring @Temp and Jango as always but also featuring YOUR returning champion, the Lat-Gainzperor of Outworld, everyone's second favourite TYM staff writer (ayo @HellblazerHawkman), the only sober Irishman and the King of the Promo.....me!

From shame and shadow recast, in black and gold reborn. Where my 40k bois at???

The Warrior Shrine is a monster, three hours long (though it's the shortest of my four appearances on that best of all podcasts) and features gameplay discussion, hopes, dreams and expectations for MK11 and all the Warrior Shrine goodness you want. It also features me cutting a sleep-deprived promo worthy of peak Scott Steiner and declaring war on the Netherkast.

Are you with the future? Are you joining me, Jango and Temp in our war on Cyborg, @Shad and Razor? Where do you stand? Can @Temp be trusted? Will the Netherkast reply? Can any of them even approach me on promos, or is this gonna be like The Rock v Billy Gunn? Tune in next time to find out!
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