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Need Help with Bane's 113


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I've been playing a bit of Injustice lately, and using Bane. Everything goes fine offline, all my combos roll out nice an easy.

But when I go to online, my basic ass 113 string keeps dropping before the 3 fucking up all my combos, causing my to lose matches, putting holes in my wall, and filing noise complaints against me.

Does this happen to anybody else? Because I'm about to punch a hole in my laptop and II need to know why I'm dropping a BNB string.

Now if you'll excuse me, avoiding swearing in caps has caused me to burst a blood vessel in my face. Also, wow, you're on the IGAU forum? What are you doing?


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To solve your problem, avoid putting your input until the 3 has fully landed. Not only will most of the strings still land, but 113 has a generous cancel window to work with.

Likewise, if you are using things like 113 double punch for wall carry, you can get away with just doing raw DP after 113 without the cancel, it still lands.

If you need specifics, let me know.

As to why you're dropping it, it's just simple to say if you're used to offline timing you'll be used to buffering on the early frames of 113. Break that habit if you can, because online the game will pull your inputs back about 2 frames or so for connection compensation, bringing it into 11 cancel territory.