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Need help with a custom keyboard-like arcade



i've made a quick keyboard-like (arcade stickless) on a cardbox just got sanwa and an old XBOX360/PC PCB
i did wiring and everything works fine

The problem Now is when i press LEFT + RIGHT Together it indicate that red arrow pointing to LEFT Corner ?

just like in this photo

i double checked the wiring , then vice -versa the cables but nothing happen , is that Normal ?
because when i press UP+DOWN (Together) it didn't !
this cause problem with Kabal (Tornado Spin)
i temporarily wired LEFT to a Button 7 and it work great


i've told i must use SOCD Cleaner i'm not sure if my stock 360 PCB support it
only L+R overred .... but U+D isn't


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It would be nice if you'd post a DIY tutorial on how you made that. I'd love me one of those tbh, I dunno why they don't make hitboxes like that.


Sorry for late reply.. im not finishing the project yet
i need to cut a glass plexi also i took this PCB from an old custom arcade stick (joystick) made special for me
but first i need to know if it's support SOCD Cleaner or not ?
if it does then should i wires the 5-pins instead ?



back again sorry
after couple fail of tries , i finally cut double layers
Acrylic and formica ,
Thanks for Konash who helped me edited artwork, its not 100% accurate but will do the job for me at least

i got only BROOK PS3/PS4 PC PCB , still waiting for cables and Neutrik USB ti arrive

Rest of pics here



i just updated Brook PS3/PS4 firmware SOCD Cleaner working everything seems fine , i ran out of Daisy Chain ground wires so i make one
in MAME i can remapping buttons but in MK AK can't ! Wonders if i can connect (Left Bumber and UP together)

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Hey guys I'm a noob on this forum but been playing MK since #1 in the arcade.. so now I own a MK3U full upright dedicated machine ;-)
I was browsing looking for some artwork for my next project and came across this post, figured I'd share my custom control panel I made..
no offense but yours looks like a mini me version of mine lol.
MK symbol, P1&P2 and eyes light up different colors..