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NEC Cyber Monday Discount on Registration (Today Only)


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

Next major coming is is another Big E event: the Northeast Championship! And keeping with the spirit of the holiday (Black Friday-Cyber Monday), you people who love to register late still have an opportunity to still go without paying late fees.

Until 8PM EST tonight, the venue fee is back down to the Early Bird price of $55. Was initially reported that you needed to select the Cyber Monday pass at checkout, but it looks it it does it automatically for you. If you were planning on going, now would be the time to register over at Smash.gg. Injustice 2 is one of the featured games, and MKXL was recently announced to be a free entry title with a 32 player cap and $250 prize pool. As of right now, MKXL looks like it still has open spots. Even if you haven't played it in years, you might get lucky and end up winning the title of NEC champ, which you can hold over the heads of the entire NRS scene while Twitter randoms talk about how you'd demolish Sonic Fox.

NEC is taking place December 14-16. Still have a few weeks to wait, but you can count on TYM to keep you updated once we get closer, and to cover the tourney as it goes down. Either way, this will be I2's last event of the year, so make sure you show some support!