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Discussion in 'Quan Chi' started by HGTV DrFlash44, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. HGTV DrFlash44

    HGTV DrFlash44 Quan Cheese!!!

    I had a great time going to Summer Jam while showcasing my quan as I used him the whole tournament. Rights to the stream go to kombatnetwork run by Shock summoning and pherleece at Summer Jam. My first match was against a very good jax player named Jupiter. I was able to pull off the win 2-1. He ended up getting 9th. This match was off stream so there is no archive.

    My next match was on stream against ShadowBeatz with commentators jamessmk and PimpUigi

    ShadowBeatz ended up getting 9th. I was very exited after that win, because that ment that one more win would put me in top 8. Then I had to play SwiftTomHanks on stream a little while after with commentators Pherleece and HGTV Ermacio If I pulled off the win I was going to be in top 8 winners.

    SwiftTomHanks ended up getting 2nd. After a really close match and a disappointing loss to a top player I needed to get focused for my next match. I had already unplugged my controller and was getting up when I was told that I was playing on stream right after against 7l with Pherleece kinda commentating.

    7l ended up getting 4th. I do not blame my loss on this as 7l is a great player and out played me, but I found it a bit unfair that I had to play twice in a row on stream with no time to gather my thoughts. Nonetheless I had a great time at SJ as I finished 9th place just off of top 8. I will definitely aim for a better result at my next tournament. Thank you to all of the people who have supported me.
  2. HGTV DrFlash44

    HGTV DrFlash44 Quan Cheese!!!

  3. CRUM

    CRUM Make Plays, Not Excuses

    were you the guy with the Woolay hat?
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  4. HGTV DrFlash44

    HGTV DrFlash44 Quan Cheese!!!

    the one and only
  5. I'm still a little salty about that last match with Joker. Still know in my heart I took that one. ._.
  6. HGTV DrFlash44

    HGTV DrFlash44 Quan Cheese!!!

    didn't see it but I'm sure that you did
  7. Under_The_Mayo

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    Entertaining fights sir. You could have had those too. Good stuff.
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  8. First round, final match, we're both low on health.
    I'm knocked down and I just know he's gonna do a D4xxAcid Hand, so I start mashing for an EX Charge on wake-up.
    Sure enough, he goes for it, I get no wake-up and eat the AH and lose the round. x_x
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  9. Doctor Angel

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    Well done, Mr. Flash & friends. Great fights. It's awesome to see how everyone's evolving.

    All I can say is the reckless meter-burning machine in me would've liked to see more convoluted Rune Traps and resets, but that's just me. Awesome stuff nonetheless.

    Never sleep on Quan.
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  10. STB Shujinkydink

    STB Shujinkydink Burning down in flames for kicks

    Well done friend...well done
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  11. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    Cool write up and thanks for posting

    I bet u feel like u learned a lot and super eager to go back to another tourney
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  12. HGTV DrFlash44

    HGTV DrFlash44 Quan Cheese!!!

    that I am hopefully see you at NEC.
  13. DemoniChris

    DemoniChris Lord of the Sick

    not to be picky, but you're selling yourself short by not building more meter during trances. I can understand why you'd only go with a trance followed by another online, but offline you should really throw a whiffed rune in there :p
  14. HGTV DrFlash44

    HGTV DrFlash44 Quan Cheese!!!

    I know I normally get my max meter, but I had tournament nerves so my thoughts were "I don't wanna drop this combo just for a little more meter building."
  15. DemoniChris

    DemoniChris Lord of the Sick

    Fair enough, not a bad train of thought.
  16. Briggs8417

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    Where are these videos at? I can't go to them at work and want to check them out later.

    Edit: Wait I lied, nvm.
  17. PimpUigi

    PimpUigi Sex Kick

    Dr. Flash!!! You wrecked that Cyrax. I'm so glad I got to listen to some of my commentating highlights.
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