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My Thoughts On ECT 4.

Lt. Boxy Angelman

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(Disclaimer: Giant epic war speech ahead. Enjoy.)

East Coast Throwdown.
My third major. My third MK gathering in total. My third attempt at Kombative success.
And I feel...somewhat confident in myself.
Or at the very least, more secure in my skills and knowledge than I was even close to feeling then.

At NEC, I realized just how far behind I was. So I got better.
At Winter Brawl, I realized a few improved fundamentals and a Telepoof only get you so far.
I thought I'd learned my lesson, but I was proven wrong. So I got better.

Now we're on the eve of May.
Less than a month and a half away from ground zero.
And the game has changed. Drastically. As has mine.
I've been watching.
Waiting. Studying. Training.
Studying. Fighting. Training.
Every detail. Every sea change. Every discovery.
And how to take these details, all this change, all that's transpired in MK since February, and turn it in my favor.
Use it as a weapon.
Make it mine and turn it to fuel to drive me to victory.

Now I find myself at the ultimate precipice of battle.
The point every competitor reaches, when they realize the most important detail of their chase:
I know I'm good. I'm 100% confident I'm good. But I NEED to get better.

I have my Grand Master.
Cold-hearted, cold-blooded, unmatched in his malice. He is my right hand. My liege. My main.
I have my Sorcerer.
The psychosomatic mindfuck tool with which I pierce my opponent's mind and infect his heart.
And of course, I have the soldier who started it all: my beloved LK-4D4.
The man. The myth. The cyborg. The sasuke. He is Cyrax.

These three, for all my desire to expand, for all the knowledge I've encompassed about their fellow Kombatants...these are the three weapons with which I will march into battle.
And now, as the dawn of battle draws nearer, the time has come for me to grow as well, and expand my mind, my metagame, and my bloodthirsty longing for victory.
I do greatly appreciate the comradery, the admiration, and the friendship I've found since I discovered my home in Kombat, but I feel I can no longer stand idly by as simply a voice in the masses. I can no longer simply accept mediocrity, or doubt myself when it comes to standing amongst the giants and walking with the gods.

The only thing holding me back is me.

So in 42 days, when war befalls Morristown, I'm getting the fuck out of my own way.
I suggest you all do the same.

The time of Box is upon you all.

Nothing will prepare you.

( :D <3 :D )

Lt. Boxy Angelman

Premium Supporter
Also: Seeing as the reigning champion whose Goliath I previously planned on attempting to David is going to be in Anaheim the weekend of said show, I still need someone to challenge for the rites of passage to VSM.
I may be a neighbor to the mighty WNBA, but New York is my home and my heart, and I want to fly its colors.

Any stipulation. Any opponent.
Any who hail from the Valley Stream willing to give me the chance to earn my flag.

I will be ready.