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My Match Up Chart For Poison Ivy


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I already got my 13 minutes from REO lol I don’t care for your attention. And That’s why I’m known as one of the best Ivy’s ask any of the ivy mains or did I beat them too because I’m trash ivy lol. please get clash because you still don’t get that Your cheetah lost to my ivy because your cheetah is average...why dont you stick with her and actually get good instead of relying on gimmicks or counterpicking. I’m done arguing with a child. BYE.
Yo on the real, if you're one of the best ivy's let me get a set with you. FT5


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yeah, how do you play cheetah vs superman because, it seems like its definitely in his favor, but I thought I heard you say it was cheetah favor once and I just wanted to know how.
She whiff punishes every air laser on reaction. Her bacdash is very useful for his fake pressure with trait. And she outdamages him anywhere on screen.


Yeah ivy loses to swampthing it’s fact now. And yeah she loses to brainiac. She also loses to cyborg his zoning and mobility it’s too much for ivy. And for some reason i think superman is a worse match up for ivy than supergirl or is that just me?
Omg she does not lose to brainiac -___-


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Who’s catwoman have you fought? And who’s brainiac that makes you believe such thing.
I’ve fought just about every CW except for semiij and I’ve played every braniac

Think about this for a second:

You think she doesn’t lose to a character who outfootsies her, has more range than her, has incredible air mobility, and can’t be zoned by her

You think she loses to a character who she can zone, who she can play the footsies game with, who she can actually AA, who has an answer to just about anything that comes at her

Does that make sense to you? Lol