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My liu kang mu chart

I think the liu kang vs JC mu is 5-5, but I still feel like Johnny cage destroys liu kang up close, or liu kang doesn't out footsie cage.

Liu kang vs Kitana:5-5 or 4-6 for Liu kang
Liu kang beats kitana from full screen. Mid range they're about even, a little in Kitana's favor. And up close liu wins it by a Lil, however to me since Kitana out damages him by a lot and she can punish harder I think this keeps liu on his toes. Blocked or ducked dragon kick is 40+%, so is a fireball, etc.

I'm fine with the noob vs liu mu. I just believe noob has the favor because of zoning tools.

And I think skarlet vs liu is totally in her favor.
In no way does cage outfootsie liu, even. Considering lius fball game