Question - Kitana (My fingers are bleeding) D1 into Fan/IA Fan Troubles.

Discussion in 'Kitana' started by DR.Innuendo, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. DR.Innuendo

    DR.Innuendo Kitana, Kenshi, Triborg

    I am having difficulty performing, certain combos that require D1 into a Fan. Why is this so difficult and what is everyones trick or technique to consistently land D1 Fan at near end of combo?

    I'm also having issues getting Instant Air Fans to consistently hit Female characters or medium Hight characters. Any Tips?

    Sorry if its been posted before, but the one i found did not have the answer just had some people arguing
  2. IrishMantis

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    The trick is to buffer

    Since you're pressing D1 you're already pressing Down all you need to do is press Forward 1 after and skip the down motion.

    So instead of pressing D1 DF1
    you should press D1 F1
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  3. Karma

    Karma Soul Caliber, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and SF.

    As soon as you D1, do your special quickly. Don't slide your thumb on the d pad.
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  4. Hendrixson

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    Like Mantis said, a very simple shortcut is to do d1 and then quickly press f1. Can you also specify which characters you're struggling to hit with IA fans? Because I didn't have trouble in the training room just now hitting Jacqui and D'Vorah and I don't even play Kitana. You might just have to practice getting them lower to the ground.
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  5. DR.Innuendo

    DR.Innuendo Kitana, Kenshi, Triborg

    Thanks for the reply and tips, I hope it works out for me:)

    Edit: Update:
    OMG Thank you, how did I not find this, I feel Stupid for asking this now. Yep super easy that way, LMAO I was trying to input D1 xx DF1 super fast and was showing on button log I was getting it right but was not coming out. this shortcut you told me is so easy and works pretty much 100%. Thanks a bunch mate.

    Mileena, Cassie, Tanya, D'Vorah when she is performing certain Mids/Highs, and Triborg strangely enough.
    I think he has a female box or close to sometimes. its strange cuz I play Smoke and never realized the size of that characters hit-box/hurt-box because I usually never played any Triborgs but ran into some Sektor's recently.
  6. Cashual

    Cashual PSN: Cansuela

    The key is the run cancel, and the trick already mentioned. A lot of people don't realize that you don't need to run cancel after 11exfan to land the d1 fan link, only need the run cancel after b14exfan
  7. DR.Innuendo

    DR.Innuendo Kitana, Kenshi, Triborg

    Thank's guys, just upped my 44% 1:cool: bar into a 53% Online combo, that is easy to land 9/10 even in 200ms.
    I know with Kabal on MK9 I always pressed Diagnal :u(UP)+:l(Back) straight into :r(Forward), So is there one for Kitanas Up,Down,Forward +1?
  8. Cashual

    Cashual PSN: Cansuela

    I input IA fans as a thumb slide from up to down to forward. I get them pretty consistently. Like making a check mark. If anyone played a lot of ea skate it's like a kick flip/heel flip motion just on the dpad. I have many many hours in on skate and I honestly think it helped me with certain inputs.
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  9. One of the best pieces of advise that I have ever seen on the entire MKXL forums, thanks I am applying the buffer method on my two characters and It has made a huge difference, thank you, I am a big believer of keeping my mouth shut and my eyes/ears open to pick up and learn proper techniques from you advanced players, thanks again
  10. I do exactly what you have described and it works, I still need to do a lot of work to really get it down

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