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Music that calms you down...


"On your Knees!"
What are the type of music or a certain song that calms you down during times of stress? I know ppl do other things to relieve stress or just want to calm down like, Smoking some bud, Getting buzzed after a couple of beers, etc. Any of your favorites that calm you down?

PS: Anybody know any good Dubstep/chillstep songs they dont mind to post on here? *Bill Lumberg voice* "That would be great..."

Here's some of the songs that calm me down...

Yes this song calms me the fuck down, Idgaf what you think. Don't judge me...
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incoming random songs off the top of my head

^ this one i just put the whole album because lbsh, the whole thing is soothing as hell.
likely nobody will listen to any of these but y0l0 n___n


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Calm?? Id say 80's pop, 90's country. But thats a bit rare. Get me hyped? That would be 80's and 90's rock/metal. Hell yeah

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I got you. I'm only going to post one song from each artist so I don't spam you. You should probably check out everything from Burial, Von D, & RSD...they specialize in chill stuff.

Jack Sparrow - For Me

Von D - ASAP

RSD - Good Energy

Burial - Homeless

Skream - Summer Dreams

Phaeleh - Afterglow

Mala - Alicia

Caspa & Rusko - Rock Bottom