Most Cringe Inducing Characters?

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Dankster Morgan, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    This has nothing to do with the quality of the characters, just purely on how some of them can look and sound incredibly lame. This could have anything to do with bizarre in game dialogue, bad costume designs, or even the way their voice sounds.

    Take this Firestorm motherfucker for example, mechanically he's very interesting to me. Outside of his garbage D2, he has a very nice set of tools. BUT he looks awful, says horribly cringe things, and his voice is terrible Imo, he's just bleh, they shoulda went with the Ronnie FS.

    Same could be said for Red Hood's voice and dialogue (I actually really like Red Hood in the comics), Starfire's horrible dialogue, Robin being an unbearable twat in this game, Wonder Woman being the absolute worst, Green Arrow looking like Joe Dirt, Bane looking like a space marine rather than ya know... Bane.

    These are all characters I like and would've been interested in trying to use if it hadn't been for all of that, can any of you guys relate?
  2. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    I kan't relate... Overall, I like the way those characters are portrayed..
  3. Lokheit

    Lokheit Noob

    Catwoman, a lot about her make her look like she doesn't belong on the roster (literally every character could mop her on a real fight and I don't even like her personality), then she makes the Lannister line with that stupid voice and you're like... dafuq was that? For real?
  4. exisTenz

    exisTenz Noob

    Agreed about Firestorm, his voice and design are pretty bad and his lines are cringy af
  5. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    "Im a nuclear powered badass"

    Jesus lol
  6. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    The way I see it... He's just a kocky kid.. So what he says makes sense to his character.
  7. Hiyomoto

    Hiyomoto Noob

    Captain Colds dialogues are pretty cringe worthy.
  8. DC4-3

    DC4-3 Low tier button masher.

    Every time I hear Batman say
    "I'M BATMAN" or "I NEVER LOSE" I seriously wanna Batcave his face in.

    TRVP6GXD Noob

    Captain Cold and Robin are the cringiest characters imo.
    "Did someone call the Ice Cream Man?"

    and for robin...basically everything he says and does.

    Oh! Lets not forget the cringiest thing in this game. Blue Beetles win screen.
  10. tafka Djinn

    tafka Djinn One for three off the roof

    All three characters I play... Red Hood, Captain Cold, and Flash.
    They're each really the whole cringe package.
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  11. RexxyC

    RexxyC what's done is done

    Supergirl, just because of her players.
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  12. Sesal Snow

    Sesal Snow Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts

    My boi Beetle is pretty dam cringe but that's the way he is in the comic's etc so I think he is portrayed very well in the game. Still cringe though.
  13. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    Blue Beetle and Cold are at least entertaining
  14. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    Scarecrow also makes the list, edgelord supreme
  15. Damaja325

    Damaja325 Stylin' & Low Profilin'

    this has nothing to do with being cringe, but seriously whenever i'm blocking batman for 15+ seconds and i finally get opened up and use my clash, when batman says "push yourself harder!" i just want to punch a gaping hole through my monitor.
  16. DevilMaySpy

    DevilMaySpy Mama's Little Bumgorf
    Moderator Premium Supporter News Editor

    Starfire's quotes are pretty bad tbh. Most of the time, they don't even match the situation.

    Random character: I'LL DESTROY YOU!
    Starfire: Everybody needs friends!

  17. Hankiro

    Hankiro Noob

    Robin, Arrow and Cold all have awful dialogue
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  18. Vigilante24

    Vigilante24 Beware my power, Red Lantern's Light

    Hal Jordan is pretty cringe. John Stewart is better.

    "Feels good to be green" while im using my Red Lantern loadout, okay...
  19. Espio

    Espio The Lovers Arcana
    Lead Moderator

    I like Starfire but a lot of her dialogue makes me not wanna play her lol.

    Scarecrow is super damn extra, but Red Hood is awful. The level of needless cringe is astounding. "Outlaws can be heroes too" and "I'm the cure for a sick, sad world" *eye rolling intensifies*

    Robin isn't cringe, he's just not likable in any way lol. Firestorm is just what happens when a dorky teenager gets powers so I'm not in love with it, but I fucks with him a little.
  20. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    "Should I kill you?- lets take a vote"
  21. Zerodegreez

    Zerodegreez Unaplogetic Clone Casual

    Supergirl...especially that Laser Walk being one of the 'Dumbest Moves Visually' I've EVER seen in a game...

    Also Wonder Woman, what happened to Her personality from the Justice League series?

    Yeah, Firestorm VA is one dimensional but maybe it was a direction.
  22. Error

    Error DF2+R2

  23. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    Robin and WW are really disappointing to me because I'm the comics I like WW and Damian a lot. Gg in this game though, they should've at least given WW some depth even though she's a bad guy, like you can at least feel for Superman. And Damian being Robin doesn't even make sense, he's Nightwing in the story. Damian should've had the Nightwing moveset and they should've brought Tim back from the phantom zone as Robin.
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  24. Raiderhorn

    Raiderhorn White Lotus

    Wanna hear my Firestorm impression?

  25. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    I used to throw up every time Deadshot said "eat lead sucker" but now that I'm using Deadshot it gives me a quarter chub

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