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Mortal Kombat X Mobile - Tips & Tricks Thread


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AeroGrunt pro tip (iOS):

Out of energy? Close the game, change your phones clock forward by 2 hours, restart your phone and hop back into the game.
actually you don't need to change time for energy. Simply do a hard reboot (hold turn off button+home) and all teams will be with full energy.
So here's a trick that'll guarantee you a gold card out of the 30,000 coin Kard Pack, it is pretty lame and very time consuming but still faster than trying to get 150 souls for the Kombat Pack.

It is a very simple method and works for a lot of other iOS games as well, what you do is you backup your save, open the Kard Pack, if you dont get the card you want you reload the save. Keep doing this until you get what you want. Worked for Injustice Mobile as well. Do this at your own risk!

Step by step (iOS):
Download iFunbox (or similar) program to your PC that'll let you access the files on your phone.
2. Set your iPhone/iPad on airplane mode (you could try without this step but I did it just in case).
3. In iFunbox go to User Applications > Mortal Kombat X and copy the "Documents" and "Library" folders to your PC/Mac.
4. On your device buy a Kard Pack in MKX, if you don't get a gold card, double tap the Home Button and close the MKX application.
5. In iFunbox refresh the Mortal Kombat X directory, click and drag over ALL the files and folders in the Mortal Kombat X directory and click Delete, it will only delete some of the files.
6. Drag and drop both the "Documents" and "Library" files from your backup folder back into the device.
7. Start MKX on your device, open a Kard Pack and repeat.

Once you get what you want, keep the MKX app open in the background as you turn airplane mode back off. I had some trouble where my progress would disappear when I had the MKX app closed while turning airplane mode back off.

If you have any questions, ask away.
Found this fix online, worked for me!

"Ok guys, I think I found the fix to the "error fetching data" message when you first sign in.

So go to menu, then profile, then WBplay/change WBID.

Click on where it says "don't have a WBplay account?" and click "Sign up using email"

Now, input your existing email/password you have created for WBplay.

Now type in your birthday and leave the box that's checked already checked, and then click "I agree to the Private Policy and Terms And Conditions"

Then click on the blue box on the right "Sign up using your email" and a message should appear.

"The account "_____" has already been linked, would you like to link "_____" with it?

Click yes.

It may take a second or two to actually update.

If not, repeat those last 2 steps, and click yes.

It should bring you back to the menu I believe.

Quit the app, and relaunch it and it should work!!

It worked for me, so now I am online!

I can even use Ally assists now!!!

However I still don't have the "Login to WBplay box checked in the cross unlock menu," but its a start."
AeroGrunt pro tips:

- Make sure you do your daily bonus missions to get those extra souls.

- With a team of 3 gold characters you'll be able to beat characters over 10 levels higher than you, best way to go is save up 30k then doing the save backup trick until you get a gold card. Every time you reach 30k coins do this again until you have 3 golds. Next I would recommend saving up 30k again and trying to get the same card you already have and fusing them together, will boost their stats a lot.

- Reptile: His first special move is incredibly good and should be upgraded. The 2 bar special is pretty bad and I wouldn't recommend spending any money upgrading it.

- Later on in the game when it starts getting hard you'll need to start blocking and punishing in order to win. Keep an eye on the opponent's super meter as they will often cancel their combo into a special move. Wait for them to finish their combo string then punish with a combo into your special.
I beat the last tower. However, I didn't get a check mark on the "Complete the forth bracket" in the WB unlocks. Anyone else?

The last boss (as of April 11th 2015) is Ermac. You can only beat Ermac with Kenshi (the game will give you a lvl 30 Kenshi) and bronze cards. This does not mean you can't use gold cards, but they do no damage. It is very much possible to beat Ermac only using Kenshi, I managed to get really close to doing it a couple of times. What I ultimately did was use my two gold cards and tagged them in when I knew Ermac would do his special moves. Honestly, the boss battle is all about luck. Sometimes when Ermac's life is very low he'll absorb your life and add it to his, for some reason he didn't do this when I successfully beat him. Just keep trying and you'll beat him eventually.
Here's a few tips everyone in this thread (and the world, lol) could use:

Tip 1: Look on the back of the card of every character and to see their advantages.

Like I said, Power draining characters (special moves/it has a skull I believe) > Bleed/Poison/Stun characters.

Tip 2: Use complementary character cards together! This is VERY important.

For example: Silver Kenshi's special property: DUAL NATURE - +40% attack when teamed w/Martial Artists; +40% health when teamed with spec ops.

He has two advantages, so you want to play him with either Spec Ops or Martial Art characters, or even both.

Tip 3: MAX out all your character's SUPPORT CARDS if you can. It really does help!

Tip 4: Don't level every character card you have. Select the best cards based on the first two tips, and level up those, to max level.

Tip 5: Always make sure you have your best character card selected first in the 3v3 fights. That way you can tag them out and they gain health/power while you play with your backups.

This works extremely well in the boss battles.

Tip 6: Don't spend too much money on buying coins. Except to level up a character's special (3 levels).

Tip 7: If you purchase souls (with real money) I suggest going for the $20 option (300 souls) and buying 2 Kombat Packs (150 souls each) as you get 1 gold card for sure and possibly some equipment or upgrade cards (come in handy if you are low on coins). You also get A LOT of doubles! How you think I maxed out my Kenshi? Lol

Tip 8: Alliance packs suck, only buy if you want, the prize for getting them isn't as great as the other 2 packs (Kombat Pack & Kard Pack).

Tip 9: If you are out of souls and you don't want to buy (I don't blame you), either do the time reset (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, for me at least) or go to some of the early battles and play with other (weaker) cards while your Gold or high level Silver cards are regenerating.

Tip 10: Always replace a Daily Bonus Mission that has anything to do with faction wars or online stuff; that is until the 14th!

Once you replace them, it brings up a much easier mission, such as: Complete a Ladder, or Win 3 battles with at least 2 silver cards.

Tip 11: Block often and don't try to be combo heavy.

This game is definitely a block, attack, block, attack, etc. kind of game.

Level 1 specials are great for higher level Silver Cards and Gold Cards and X-rays should NEVER be performed because it takes FOREVER to build up and you will probably be KNOCKED OUT before you can use them.

But there is a Game Center achievement if you perform one. :) Just saying.

Tip 12: For ALL BOSS FIGHTS, pay close attention to what their special advantage is before you fight them (pause the match right away) and play accordingly.

All the assist characters (Sonya, Kitana, Quan Chi, Kenshi) have good attack damage and health, but have to be maintained in order to win.

So for those cases (Reptile/Ermac) make sure you tag out your assist character as soon as you either perform a special or a knockdown/knockback swipe combo.
I beat all the towers but didn't use an X-ray once, I wouldn't recommend spending any money upgrading those. From what I've found lvl 1 specials are the best bang for your buck.
You can complete all the towers no gold cards at all. IMO opinion the best card is any scorpion just because level 1 spear is really ridiculous. And to beat boss scorpion I had a silver Kenshi (spec ops/martial artist).

All the gold just went to maxing out spear and duplicating scorpions and energy regeneration.

All you need with scorpion really is a meter and a quarter.

It's because when you combo into spear and they are stunned, stunned lasts for a number of seconds. It isn't cancelled after hits. So all you do is combo into spear and as they are getting pulled in you do a 3hit string. After that they are still stunned. You can do another 3 hit string into another spear for 6 more hits or get a free switch and attack.

Don't do his swipe combos after spear because it knocks them down and thats a chance for a character to switch out. After spears I sometimes swap to Kenshi for a power drain.
Also buyable gold Kano is trash unless you feel like overspending on gold to max out his energy regen and X-ray to get it off because his regen is trash and you will never get the X-ray off because his stats really aren't that good and because he is a gold card he takes forever to level up.
I have beaten the game and I never even got a gold card. They are a waste of time in my opinion. Fusing silver cards is where it is at. You can take the cheapest silver character and buy that card over and over again. That will get your stats way beyond anything you can do with a gold character.

I also agree that any special beyond the first one is a waste of koins. It takes too long to build up enough power to do a level 2 or 3 special. Max out your level one special and you are golden.
Found another trick. Switching your device recharges your team and resets daily test your luck and challenges - easy souls farm. You link different devices to WB Play. After each action your game is saved to the cloud. Finish all dailies, close app on one device and launch on another - it will upload your progress but resets all dailies and energy.
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Windows 8. After copying the backup files accordingly, all the data seemed to stay reset on the app. Will try it again before giving up all together.
Did you remember to select all the filed on the Mortal Kombat X directory of your device and pressing delete? Also make sure airplane mode is on.

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Did you remember to select all the filed on the Mortal Kombat X directory of your device and pressing delete? Also make sure airplane mode is on.
Yup. For me, using Copy and Paste worked instead the dragging and dropping. Data works now. Just have to reconnect my WBID now.


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good shit aerogrunt! dude you're totally right, the boss reptile was fucking bodying me last night. He would punish me every time I tried to attack, it was total fucking bullshit. I'll try to be more patient though

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Are there specific cards we should be aiming for? I got Cyromancer Sub-Zero which starts off with 810 damage.


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Are there specific cards we should be aiming for? I got Cyromancer Sub-Zero which starts off with 810 damage.
I believe the only three gold cards you can get from the 30k pack are Cryomancer Sub-Zero, A-List Cage and Nimble Reptile. I'm at the second to last tower and those three have worked very well. Currently trying to open second ones to fuse and make them even stronger.


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Lol. Same here. Just wanted to get the costumes unlocked. But man, they didn't change anything from Injustice mobile. There was so much potential for this game. Sadly, nothing changed.
Agreed dude, I have no hope for NRS mobile games at all, they exist only for money.

I wish they would spend the development time on a vita version, which still might happen but i'm not holding my breath.


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same here, I regret spending 100k coins on Cutthroat Kano. He fucking blows
Yeah I hear you bro.

The best gold characters are the ones that have 300+ souls to unlock.

I have Grandmaster Sub & Inferno Scorp.

Don't have them fused yet, but I'm sure their max level (7) would be upwards of 20K damage and 30K defense.

My Silver Kenshi (level 31) is maxed out (fused card) and has 12K of damage and 16K of health/defense.


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Yeah I hear you bro.

The best gold characters are the ones that have 300+ souls to unlock.

I have Grandmaster Sub & Inferno Scorp.

Don't have them fused yet, but I'm sure their max level (7) would be upwards of 20K damage and 30K defense.

My Silver Kenshi (level 31) is maxed out (fused card) and has 12K of damage and 16K of health/defense.
Damn. Yeah im rocking cryomancer sub (fused once, got two of these fucks out of the 30k card pack w/o using aerogrunts trick lol), cutthroat kano and silver kenshi. Kenshi is sooo useful because of the meter drain special, i love him but cutthroat kano is god awful. Idk whether to keep using him or just level up my venomous d'vorah that i got for the 150 soul thing. What do you think?

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^ Stop using Kano, he doesn't have a useful special in my opinion.

I think he has bleed, but Power draining characters are so much better.

How many coins you have? I suggest you pick one or two characters and try to fuse them together if you can.