Mortal Kombat x Fortnite Fan Art

Discussion in 'Comic Book & Fan-Art' started by Decay, May 3, 2018.

By Decay on May 3, 2018 at 2:59 PM
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    Like Mortal Kombat? If you didn't, it'd be a little weird for you to be here. Like Fortnite? It's free and a lot of fun, go check it out if you haven't. Anyway, if you answered "yes" to both, then resident artist/Swamp Thing player Decay got something for you!

    Just a little mash-up idea. Combining my all time favorite game (MK) with my recent most played game (Fortnite). More to come, thanks for looking and make sure to follow my social media for updates!



    Digital Painting in Photoshop

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Who's NEXT?

  1. Jax

    0 vote(s)
  2. D'Vorah

    5 vote(s)
  3. Cassie Cage

    6 vote(s)
  4. Jacqui

    2 vote(s)
  5. Reptile

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Discussion in 'Comic Book & Fan-Art' started by Decay, May 3, 2018.

    1. JBeezYBabY
      I keep seeing more n more buzz for this game. I think i might give it a try. So its like a Battle Royal type game but not really a fighter?
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    2. Espio
      Would love to see D'Vorah, Jax and Cassie. I'd go with the contrast of Cassie next though.

      Dunno if anyone else will be apart of this series, but Goro, Jade or Stryker woulc be interesting as well.
    3. Cursa
      Damn I was hoping this thread was going to be Fortnite characters in MKX but it was the other way around
    4. Decay
      It's a 3rd person battle royale game, but the reason why I think fighting game players like it a lot is because there's a building mechanic in the game. So instead of other games, you actually have a defense mechanism (sorta like blocking an attack in a fighting game). If you whiff your shotgun shot, and you see your opponent lining up a shot, you can choose to put up a wall in his face real quick, but then he can choose to build over your ramp and hit you from above. It's a really nice chess type gameplay during gunfights that remind me of fighting games tbh
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    5. Cursa
      I think FGC players, and all players, like it is because it's actually just a good game, which is also free to play. And easy to pick up
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    6. HellblazerHawkman
      I don't really play Fortnite, but this kind of made me want to check it out
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    7. Gamer68
      This looks amazing and so does your other art. I've been trying to learn how to sketch/draw and stuff like this honestly inspires me. I hope one day I'll be able to make art like this, but I know it's going to be a very slow process. I mean even my handwriting is garbo-tier right now lol.

      Right now a have a few sketch books and a set of blacklead pencils, but I'm hoping to get a kneadable eraser, mechanical pencil, and some other supplies I feel like I'm missing soon-ish. Until then, I've been watching tons of guides and tutorials on YouTube mainly on faces and hair.
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    8. Gamer68
      BTW I don't know if you are going to read any of this but I was wondering if maybe you could give some advice on sketching? I've been trying to learn faces but I feel like maybe I should be focusing on something else. What do you think are the best things you can learn from by sketching/drawing them?
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    9. kevkopdx
      I love the way you designed that weapon for scorpion!! Top notch as always, bud!
    10. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Great work. Very curious to see Reptile, also D'Vorah will be interesting.
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    11. Decay
      Hey man, sounds like you're starting off strong with what you got. I would love to help you out with some advice, I usually try to help as many people as I can who are trying to get better because, frankly, we all started somewhere and even I had to use lots of online resources in order to teach myself stuff. Send me a PM on either here or twitter or whatever, and I'll try to write back as much as I can
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    12. MKF30
      Great job, reminds me of concept art for an MK cartoon honestly. That style. And the penguin made me laugh lol
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    13. Gamer68
      Saw your artwork of Jax and Mileena on the MK subreddit, good stuff!
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    14. Decay
      new images!


      Make sure to go to one of my social media and either tag a friend or share for a chance to win an art print
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    15. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Wow that looks really great dude! :)
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    16. MKF30
      I agree, his style is perfect for a MK cartoon or animated reboot/movie etc

      Would love to see Raiden and Ermac!
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