Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter, Teased. We Know.

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    As many of you know, a conversation between Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon and Mr. Seth Killian of Capcom was made through twitter about an apparent "meeting" they had or at least some time talking and "catching up". While this idea has been in the air for some time now, we must note that Ed Boon is known to be a "joker" when using his twitter account at times. Sometimes I guess, when he wants to crack a joke on his personal twitter account, he has every right to and the following results usually consist of deciphering the riddles, hints and in this case likely just joking around. This doesn't rule out the possibility of another crossover with Mortal Kombat as the vast majority would probably want a game like Killer Instinct to meet the roster of EarthRealm considering the universes are more similar than different, however... just how literal should we take this? If it happened... how in the hell would it even work? Too many questions... enough to make your head explode.

    Anyway, the point of this article is this line: Sometimes I guess, when he wants to crack a joke on his personal twitter account, he has every right to and the following results usually consist of deciphering the riddles, hints and in this case likely just joking around.
    mksf.jpg mksf1.jpg

    Ed Boon @noobde
    @sethkillian Yes, great catching up with you too. Looking forward to our first MKvsSF meeting. 1st order of business: MKvsSF or SFvsMK. 
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    Dear God, please no...
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    i welcome it, i wouldnt even care if there was no blood, i can imagine the mk characters looking totally badass in the SF4 engine. i always disliked mk vs dc for the fact that they had violence but just toned down to an embarassing state, it would have been better for them to have not bothered with the blood at all.

    anyone who claims they hate SF has no reason to not like this idea, it just gives them a way to beat SF characters with MK ones, and anyone who thinks it would suck purely because a lack of blood, stop living in the 90's.
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  5. Sasarix

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    I hope he is joking cause we dont need any more of these cross-over games like SFxTekken its just their way of getting more money out of ppl. Not to mention MK dosnt need to mix with any other games unless we're gonna get to rip Ryu's head off over and over again.
  6. Geochron

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    The most important question: how would you block?
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  7. Sasarix

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    If they did do it they would most likely go with this whole you make an MKxSF and we'll make SFxMK like they are doing with Tekken.
  8. bipolar_shango

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    Imagine Cyrax saying "Rag doll" "Rag doll" "Rag doll" "net" "net" "net" "bomb" "bomb" "bomb" "Rese.. NO Son.
  9. Juggs

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    I don't get why people are so close-minded and immediately dismiss the IDEA before anything is even done. I mean not liking it after you see the gameplay, sure. But c'mon people, stop being so fucking lame.
  10. PND_Mustard

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    thats one hell of an assumption, i doubt itd even be a problem if the MK characters did say the move names, have you read them in the move list? some of these special attacks sound fucking badass.
  11. PND_Ketchup

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    I wouldn't mind Sektor shouting "METAL UPPERCUT" or "TARGET ACQUIRED" or "FLAME BURNER" over the sound of badass capcom vs MK remixes.

    It won't even need blood, just be over the top, fast paced, and have kick ass super/hyper combos. I wouldn't mind mk's super combos being really violent without blood. Some of the ultras in SF are pretty brutal if you think about it lol.
  12. 1man3letters

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    id play it, be good chance to try merge the sf and mk kommunities
    maybe sf players would respect mk players more

    ....althought if no block button and no baraka and i would not go near it
  13. Sasarix

    Sasarix "Heaven Will Fall!"

    You call it close-minded I call it reality. It is a good idea but if anyone thinks Capcom would allow it to be as awsome as the idea sounds then your just crazy. Hell capcom is to busy destroying what good fighters it has with this whole lets release every year like Madden idea. Bottom line is I like to repeat the idea in my head cause it sounds good but would I want capcom to really have a hand in making it..... hell no. As part of the MK fan community I really don't want to see my favorite fighter get involved with more bad gameplay ideas.
  14. only if Shao Kahn is playable... SF players will have fun dying to dat hammer and shadow jump
  15. Konqrr

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    This almost made me fall out of my chair at school LMAO!!
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  16. Son ov Timett

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    Sounds like a nightmare, hell just look at SFxT, I don't want Capcom anywhere near this series. Maybe if it still had all the staffing from the 3S generation, but NO.
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  17. lazybird123

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    IF they do this game, I'd say let the MK and the SF characters stay the same. Meaning, the MK characters have 4 buttons and a block button while the SF characters have 6 buttons and back as block. Since they are both 2d, they wouldn't need to change as much as they have to with Tekken.

    However, I'd still rather have MK versus KI, but is it likely to be as profitable? I doubt many people even know what KI is outside this site
  18. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses

    SFxT looks amazing and is amazing based on what top players saying.
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    Since they're both pioneers of the 2D FG scene (unlike Tekken, I like Tekken and SF but the SFxT games are a clusterfuck of compromise), I think they could wrap together the key intricacies of both MK9 and SF4 together in one release.

    The violence should still be there though, and I think it would actually benefit from being more abrupt, just not MKvsDC abrupt, Midway as a publisher didn't know what the hell they were doing with that game, they simply wanted the ideology of it on the shelves ready for the holiday season. They went out of business about a year later, go figure.
  20. PND_Mustard

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    dude this is just silly, implying that capcom ruin their games with annual updates is absurd, they spend the year watching and tweaking for the GOOD of the game, and in practically all cases (apart form AE's supercharacter) has been a good thing.

    thats just like if NRS were to say ''right we know what caused every glitch/bug in mk9, and weve patched them ALL out, made some balancing alterations, added a few characters, and selling the new version for 20 quid'' would you buy that or just call it a bad idea too?

    and Juggernaut, SFxT IS amazing, played it twice now, so eager for march 9th, its the funnest fighter ive played in years.
  21. PND_Ketchup

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    Street fighter X tekken is fantastic. Have you had the chance to play it yet?
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  22. Sasarix

    Sasarix "Heaven Will Fall!"

    Killer Instinct has a pretty big fan base the biggest problem there is that Microsoft has pretty much destroyed the Rare name and company. I doubt any of the original team members are still there. I wouldn't want a cross-over of that either but damn a new KI would be nice.
  23. KI never had a block button either from what I remember.
  24. AR-15

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    but will it blend?
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  25. Sasarix

    Sasarix "Heaven Will Fall!"

    LOL your probably one of those ppl who thought going from MvC3 to UMvC3 was a good idea. If the lump of crap has an awsome package and some lights on it then it must be worth buying again.... FAIL

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