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  1. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    The official trailer for Mortal Kombat 9 on the PS Vita is here!! Featuring some cool special effects, some tracks from the MK9 soundtrack including 3 time Grammy award winner Skrillex, this trailer is pretty damn snazzy. You can see it right here!


    Thanks to TRMK for the heads up!

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  2. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    Makes me want a PSVita ;_;
  3. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    ^ too...
  4. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    I cannot deny that I want this but I will not buy it unless they plan to release the 16 additional skins for Xbox 360 and PS3 as charged downloadable content.

    I do not support NRS ignoring our requests for simple color pallette swaps to give Rain and the rest of the ninja cast their UMK3 attire for the past six months (or however long it has been).

    There simply has been no reason why other than to make people want to buy this specifically to use them. It's a cash grab and it's wrong to punish those who have been asking for this since UMK3 Unmasked Sub Zero was shown shortly after the Freddy reveal trailer.
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  5. Killphil

    Killphil A prop on the stage of life.

    ^ three!
  6. Check

    Check -

    Nice!! They kinda used my back and forth combo idea from MK:Sacrifice! Man, one day im gonna be making these trailers!!! Good shit, Nether!!!
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  7. pherleece

    pherleece Woolay

    ps vita is too expensive
  8. GOL Eklectic

    GOL Eklectic Surrender, it's over.

    Im with bodamescapeplan!
  9. srmacmec

    srmacmec Noob

    very \o/ good
  10. #10
  11. Ahh...if only they used the funds for this towards the online issues.
  12. Marcus

    Marcus Mortal Kombat Philippines / Injustice Philippines
    News Editor

    Now I want a PS Vita
  13. They gave Skrillex a grammy? Kill me. I don't want to live on this shit ass planet anymore. Kill me or take me back to the nineties.
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  14. Gesture Required Ahead

    Gesture Required Ahead Get on that hook

    LMFAO at the scrubby gameplay

    Scorpion: 111 -10 second pause- speear , uppercut
    Sub: uppercut , EN ground freeze
    Scorpion: Xray....Xray
    Sub: AA freeze, uppercut

  15. Ninj

    Ninj Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
    Premium Supporter

    This...also NRS, please learn how to build a netcode or steal SC5's - a "Zero" latency rating on SC5 is typical lag in MK9. How?
  16. Medina4life

    Medina4life Media Master
    News Editor

    mmm, me want.. Hopefully it is ported well
  17. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
    Premium Supporter

    Probably the best ''Noobish'' game play I have ever seen. For some reason, it worked!
  18. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

    That gameplay...HOMAHGAWD. Wow. PROS!
  19. Mt. Mutombo

    Mt. Mutombo Asshole by nature

    Shoutouts to Tom and Slips for providing the gameplay!

    And yeah...Skrillex a grammy? Really? This dubstep fad is getting on my nerves.


    Hold on, what? You'll buy it AFTER the costumes are confirmed for the console versions?
  21. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    you guys and your crazy response video/gif. This one brought tears to my eyes LMAO.

    Seriously, where do you guys get these stuff
  22. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    quick question tho, are they advertising augmented reality or that NRS creative way of showing MK on the Go? What I got from the trailer is that I can play it at work, library, street etc. I dont recall NRS saying that it supported augmented reality.
  23. Lord Beef

    Lord Beef The one and Only Beef Supreme
    Premium Supporter

    Bahhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahah oh the lulz

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  24. Lord Beef

    Lord Beef The one and Only Beef Supreme
    Premium Supporter

    Clever marketing ftw

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  25. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    That's what I said, homie.
    I mean, I'm sure I'll buy it regardless but it pisses me off that they couldn't throw us a Klassic Skins Pack #2 for 400MSP and reward the people who have been waiting...

    It's not like it would be any harder than designing a mask for the MK3 suit they gave Sub-Zero since they decided to not care/disregard that the original MK3 Sub-Zero had an exposed chest -- so it's not like they would have to re-design the costume in any way to suit the other ninjas.

    Unless of course they really want to be cool guys and give us Ermac as a Latino/Darker toned skin color.

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