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Mortal Kombat Panel from Retro World Expo 2018


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

When you are looking for retro Mortal Kombat stuff, who better to turn to than tabmok99? This latest video is about as retro as you can get, it's a panel from Retro World Expo of some of the original Mortal Kombat actors discussing MK history and talking about some cool stuff you probably didn't know about. The footage was from Daniel Pesina himself, so thanks to him for allowing us nerds not invited to the Expo to see it.

I'm actually in the middle of watching this myself, so not 100% on every topic they covered. But I do know they covered their bases for this panel by getting people involved in all of the early projects from back in the day. And some of them even came in costume. Everyone is just having a fun time talking about this stuff, and there's a lot of neat info for those of us who aren't Mortal Kombat Encyclopedias. Video is posted down below, go check it out and go follow Daniel Pesina for updates on future panels/retro fan stuff and tabmok99 for his next project.