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Mortal Kombat nominated for Hall of Fame - Go vote now!


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I've voted for MK and I do believe that strong arguments can be made for it to win... but I would be very surprised if either Half-Life or Mario Kart don't end up as the winner.


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Mortal Kombat absolutely deserves to be there. It’s widely credited as being either one of the reasons or THE reason for the ESRB rating system. Like in the hearings in 1992 for the topic of implementing a rating system, Mortal Kombat was one of two games cited as a prime example of why a rating system was required.

That plus how influential MK has been on fighting games and gaming as a whole (as well as influences in art and technology), and the fact that MK games are still being made are far and away the best selling fighting games, it really is a no brainer that MK should be in the hall of fame.


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Done .... MK has such matter and significance in the video game story .... the game that succeeded to compete with Street Fighter franchise, that gave origin to the ESRB classification, that had balls to bring explicity over the top cool violence in the gaming scene .... MK is a myth and deserves all props, ever ! :D


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Edit: When I made this post I didn't realize they already had an extensive list of games, I thought it was just those three. http://www.worldvideogamehalloffame.org/

The games currently in are Pac-Man, Tetris and Super Mario Bros. This is a prestigious ass list so we have to vet these games here

Candy Crush - Nah. Very popular but the gameplay isn't very original, way more games deserve it before this. I get that this is one of the huge mobile games but there's just way more important games.

Centipede - To be honest I never had a history with this one.

Colossal Cave - This is like the first real text adventure game from the 70s. OG like this deserves attention.

Adventure - Another super classic, one of the first games to include developer credits, as a hidden easter egg.

Dance Dance Revolution - It's DDR, this was the hottest booth in the arcades for a very very long time.

Half-Life - Great game, over rated series. Didn't do anything that groundbreaking. Half-Life 2 was way better and I think you could put more then a few shooters above that. I guess because of Counter Strike and Team Fortress being expansions/mods? Very surprised to see this game on the list.

Microsoft Windows Solitaire - Can't deny people played the shit out of this one. We may not think of it as a true video game but this was probably a ton of people's first game.

Mortal Kombat - I think it should be considered because it was such a huge arcade game as well as spawning the most successful video game movie on top of being a major reason the ESRB was created. That said, if SF2 was on here I'd probably have to vote for it. But the ESRB and pop culture factor can't be understated. Huge game, I see the current popularity of Mortal Kombat as just a return to its rightful glory.

Myst - I never played it but I know it's supposed to be a legendary point and click game. Unfortunately I never really got into the genre so not much to say.

NBA 2K - I don't play sports games but this one is actually really good. That said, no freaking way. I'll take NBA Jam over this any day of the week.

Sid Meier’s Civilization - Civilization is a super well regarded sim series and I think a ton of games were spawned from it, talking anything from the Sims to Warcraft 3. I think this is one of the more important games on this list here.

Super Mario Kart - Awesome game, popularized the cart racer. I think it's easily one of the best in the Mario Kart series but I don't think it's on that level of greatness.

Super Smash Bros. Melee - Scorching hot take, I think Smash 64 is more fun to play. Great game though.

I think the best choices are Colossal Cave, DDR, Mortal Kombat, Microsoft Solitaire and Side Meier's Civlization. I'm gonna give Colossal Cave some love because it's probably not going to win but I think it deserves the mention.

Also, "one vote per day". That will go well
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Nice breakdown, Marijuana though I would say Centipede is also a classic and that game is not easy lol.

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I dislike HOFs that do the stupid vote to get in crap...I get that you can't just throw everything in but things deserve to get in on merit alone, not popular opinion 20-30 years later.
Also you got a hall of fame for a 50+ year old thing ...really I mean throw in the no question games (like almost that whole list) or you don't even have a HOF anyway, you have a coffee table of some games...halos in already.
I'm ok now.. voted


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MK should have gotten in there years ago, and not just saying that cause I love MK but because of the impact it's had on gaming and pop culture in general. Just look at the MANY references, nods MK has had over time in movies, other games, fanmade stuff, shows, etc, etc


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Y'ALL BETTER VOTE NOOOOOOW! It literally takes 5 seconds. Thank ya kindly and lets help contribute MK getting into the HALL OF FAME BabY! Righteous ;)