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Mortal Kombat Exercise Book?


Just a random thought, but I was digging through some of my old poker books today and discovered a series that taught you the techniques and strategies, but also featured a book with a number of questions to test your knowledge... for example... the best play to make from a statistical stand point.

It made me think... we have plenty of guides for the game and characters, but has anyone thought about creating character specific quizzes to help improve players knowledge and thought processes? I know each patch could lead to some of the questions being outdated, but I could imagine it would be helpful to newer players to have a list of question for their character which can be used as a benchmark of their character understanding; some examples might be...

1) X character hits you with X special move on block, what is your optimal punish?

2) X character continuously crouch's your high starter and d2 punishes you, what is your strategy to deal with this?

3) What is your quickest button and how many frames does it take to start up?

4) What buttons leave your plus on block? Which lead to frame traps against X frame chatacters?

Maybe it's a terrible idea, but it was something that I've seen for other strategy games... like chess, poker etc... so maybe it could be useful for the FGC...
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I used to sort of do this back in Injustice 2 for some of the match ups I struggled with. I honestly think every character forum should have something like this for MK11, just don't have the time unfortunately.


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This can be really useful, not only written exercises but combos(optimized according to the situation)), frametraps/jails, hit-confirming and etc, would be awesome as well.

Something like ABC combo x10 from each side, for example.

However it would need to be a community effort and also would be time consuming, but it's doable imho and could be done in a simple way. Either a google doc document or a "topic/thread" for each character.
I've always found learning fighting games easier when I treated it like studying... often having questions and thinking about the correct answer aided the developing of my knowledge but also made it clear where my knowledge was lacking. Something like this I feel would help develop your overall thinking about a game, but also help speed up the learning process for a character. Now I know most people plays hundred, if not thousands of games and learn this in game, but those more time poor unfortunately don't get that opportunity and thus need other tools to help the learning process.

You could almost develop a standardized set of questions which are relevant across all characters (e.g. what is the optimal punish for a blocked Scorpion EX teleport, which poke has the best frame advantage on block), but then also have character specific stuff (e.g. which combo path can be used to get a KB slide to hit with Shang).

The only problem I feel is that patches could make a lot of stuff inaccurate quickly (well more so the answers), but at least the questions could remain consistent.


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Yes, it needs to have a baseline/guideline applicable to all characters, a punishment guide is a good start imho

In all honesty, the patches won't be a problem per se, because they often tell you what changes and even if not, you can test them and compare to the previous information. It will be tiresome as more information is inserted, but it will manageable.

I can try to experiment some stuff while at work and will provide feedback.

One BIG issue imho is to find a suitable format to share this, to be suitable in each platform. Because if something like this goes forward, it makes sense to have it mobile friendly or a google doc / excel sheet.

An idea I have for this is to have a main "hub" page, you insert your character and it will populate each field with the appropriate information. Those fields would "feed" from data on a separate sheet, making the file looking clean.
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I thought this thread was going to be about doing crunches with Scorpion, or doing kettle bell workouts with Jax or something like that.
I feel there might still be an opportunity for this... "Scorpion says feel the burn", "Lets cool down with Sub-Zero", and other terrible puns!